"Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina" Has Folks Ready To Break Out Their Bibles

The devil is not welcome here.

Netflix's new series The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina premiered Friday, and Twitter has been buzzing all weekend about the new installment of the classic series.

Some of the funniest reactions to Sabrina are from those taken aback by how dark it is.

The creators and stars of the show warned us that it was indeed going to be "chilling," but they didn't mention that it was going to be worshipping-the-devil-dark.

#CAOS is dark, ya’ll! The devil gon’ git her! 👹


The series begins with Sabrina refusing to pledge allegiance to Satan in Episode 1. And her journey into to witch-hood is very much tied to her loyalty to all the things any given praying black grandmother would throw holy oil over. That being said, more than a few black folks decided to do their pastors proud and opt out of the series altogether.

Something tells me I'm too Nigerian to fck with Netflix' Sabrina

And those who have decided to risk it all for good TV decided to lean on the Lord, his cross, and all things holy.

Oh this #SabrinaNetflix is on some devil devil mess. Let me say a prayer

Me going to the kitchen to get something to eat in between episodes of #CAOS

One might say it even brought folks closer to Christ.

@BeeBabs Sis, I am praying through each episode whilst also binge watching. God hasn't heard from me this much in A WHILE.

Or at least united us all against one common enemy.

i'm not even a christian but i still crossed myself at every mention of satan in the new 'chilling adventures of sabrina' . i shall not die but live

God bless everyone trying to make it through the binge with their faith still in hand.

Me after binge watching the chilling adventures of Sabrina and they’ve been calling the devil non stop 😭

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