15 Facts About Oprah Winfrey That Will Remind You She's A Boss

What's better than one billionaire? Oprah.

For the famous September issue, Oprah Winfrey invited Vogue into her home for a photo shoot and intimate interview with Jonathan Van Meter, who also penned her first cover story for them in 1998.

And she revealed some fascinating details about her life that will make you go 👀

1. Her 65-acre California estate is called the Promised Land.

2. It has STREETS, including one called Hallelujah Lane.

3. She has 12 mature oak trees on her property called the Apostles.

4. Guests get linen napkins with an embroidered "O" when they dine at her home.

5. Winfrey also built an entire teahouse for the sole purpose of reading the New York Times.

6. Her hallway is lined with drawings by Nelson Mandela that he personally gifted her.

7. And she has a first-edition copy of every book to win the Pulitzer Prize.

8. She had a bathtub molded to the shape of her body.

9. She can literally have whatever she wants to eat whenever she wants to eat it.

10. Her wealth two decades ago could be compared to legendary Greek kings — now she's richer than them.

11. She interviewed almost 37,000 people on Oprah.

12. Winfrey said she doesn't know a person who can say they are truly content...except herself.

13. She gathered a group of Trump and Clinton supporters just two weeks after the election and helped them understand one another.

14. And she's going to do the same across America, in an attempt to save us all, via 60 Minutes.

15. In conclusion, Winfrey knows no one will ever take her place.

Read the full interview on Vogue.com.

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