Michael Shannon To Trump: "What Is Your End Game?"

The actor took the president to task on BuzzFeed News' Profile and told a story about running into Steve Bannon on a plane.

Actor Michael Shannon has never been afraid to express his dissatisfaction with President Trump. He has actually accumulated quite a history of insults directed at the president since he was elected in 2016. On BuzzFeed News' Profile, Shannon took the opportunity to speak out against Trump and his policies. His topic of choice? Global warming.

"What's your end game?" Shannon asked right out of the gate. "You have a young son, you have grandchildren. What are you going to say to them in 2030 when we're confronted with the possibility that the world is becoming uninhabitable? What do you say to Barron [Trump] when we're running out of resources?"

The Shape of Water actor went on to tell the president to look at what happened to countries like India and China and ask himself if he wants that same fate for the US. (Shannon claimed that in those countries, school classes have been canceled because of bad air quality.)


"This system is not going to sustain itself. Anybody who can see clearly knows that, and the time is now to do something about it," Shannon said.

While Shannon hasn't been able to make any of his comments directly to Trump's face, he did reveal that he had a recent opportunity to confront Steve Bannon in person. The former White House chief strategist was four rows away from him on a flight to Prague, where Shannon was shooting The Little Drummer Girl, and the actor recalled thinking to himself: "Well, now's the time. Here you are on a plane with Steve Bannon. What are you gonna do?"

Shannon said he ultimately decided to keep quiet, partly to avoid ending up in a Czech prison but mostly because he knew nothing he could say would change Bannon's political views.

"He seems to have this conception that disaster is imminent so we might as well hit the fast-forward button. And that ideology is just abhorrent to me," Shannon said.


Not being able to remotely understand the viewpoints of Bannon, Trump, and their supporters could be why Shannon, who has played a multitude of roles during his extensive career, refuses to ever play Trump in a movie. Either way, it's clear his hate for their policies will keep him sounding off about the Trump administration for the foreseeable future.

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