Celebrities Can't Believe Trump's Attack On The Judge Who Blocked His Immigrant Ban

"Hard to believe this is from the President of the United States of America," Ben Stiller wrote. "What is happening?"

ICYMI, President Trump took to Twitter both Saturday and Sunday to express his disdain for US District Court Judge James Robart after he issued an order blocking Trump's immigration ban.

The opinion of this so-called judge, which essentially takes law-enforcement away from our country, is ridiculous and will be overturned!

In a series of tweets, Trump not only questioned the legitimacy of the federal judge – who was approved 99-0 by the senate when nominated by former President George W. Bush – but went on to say that the judge's decision has put the country in "peril" because bad people are "pouring in."

Many politicians did not take kindly to the president publicly ridiculing a federal judge, and they weren't alone. A few celebrities also stepped in to express their anger over Trump's latest Twitter rant:

Amanda Seyfried told him to grow up.

Please Mister "so called" President- please for the sake of humanity please grow up. Please.

George Takei wrote some not-so-much-of-a-fan fiction.

Trump: That so-called WA judge? Fire him. Staff: Sir, judges can't be fired. Trump: Says who? Staff: The Constitution. Trump: Never read it.

Judd Apatow also gave his guess on what Trump was doing behind closed doors.

Right now Trump is having a meeting trying to figure out how he can fire all of these judges and Federal attorneys.… https://t.co/bPebmvc5eF

Ben Stiller expressed disbelief that any of this was really happening.

Hard to believe this is from the President of the United States of America. "so-called judge". What is happening? https://t.co/aINHMHupoy

Josh Gad straight-up called Trump a lunatic.

This is what a lunatic looks like. Just in case you don't have a dictionary nearby to define the term. https://t.co/eItvbQSbHb

Top Chef host Tom Colicchio said Trump's reaction proved he is unfit to govern.

The opinion of this so called President essentially takes away all confidence the he is able to govern our nation. https://t.co/qZKid3gomw

Actor Jeffery Wright asked the GOP to take action and remove Trump from office.

If @GOP loves America you'd invoke the 25th amend before the so-called President's found under the Resolute desk mumbling tweets to himself.

Singer Lily Allen retweeted this point by political scientist Ian Bremmer.

Trump opens the door for calling him America's so-called president. Seems like a bad idea. https://t.co/y6qAeEGOmr

And Chicago P.D. star Sophia Bush shared a tweet that mocked Trump's past legal dramas.

Maybe a guy who just had to settle a fraud suit for $25 million isn't a great judge of how the law works?

However, not all celebrities were against Trump. Scott Baio, for example, agreed with the president's sentiment that the judge's decision had put the country at risk.

Liberals, what is your obsession with making our country UNsafe?

The Trump administration appealed the judge's ruling late Saturday night, but a federal appeals court denied the request, meaning the bans will remain on hold through the weekend. A decision on a further request to reinstate the ban was put off until at least Monday afternoon.

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