Cardi B Had One Of The Best Performances At The VMAs But She Was Stuck In The Pre-Show

The "Bodak Yellow" rapper has a top 10 single on Billboard's Hot 100, but her VMA debut was limited to a preshow performance.

Cardi B continued to win 2017 on Sunday night, when she took MTV's Video Music Awards preshow by storm with a fiery performance of her hit song "Bodak Yellow."

I mean, mama gave us sexy choreography... well as tons of attitude and swag as she spouted out her confidence-boosting, in-your-face lyrics.

And she found fun, creative ways to make the most of the preshow's not-so-red carpet space.

While fans enjoyed her performance and were proud of her for making such a lit VMA debut, many couldn't help but wonder why Cardi — a hot new artist with a single in the Hot 100's top 10 — was limited to a preshow performance.

I'm mad they got Cardi B performing at the VMA pre show like they got anybody more hot performing at the actual awa…

@NM4IsComing / Twitter / Via Twitter: @NM4IsComing

Why are the dope hip hop acts always subjected to the pre show? Cardi B should have prime real estate during the show.

@LenaWaithe / Twitter / Via Twitter: @LenaWaithe

Put Cardi B on the main VMA stage. She deserves.

@UnordinaryDae / Twitter / Via Twitter: @UnordinaryDae

Cardi B needs to save to the VMA lineup and perform Bodak Yellow.

@BeyLovesGaga / Twitter / Via Twitter: @BeyLovesGaga

Lorde's performance wasn't good. You can on stage to SING not to dance like a 4th grader. They could've gave Khalid…

@blackgirlicon / Twitter / Via Twitter: @blackgirlicon

She was the highlight of the entire VMA experience for quite a few viewers:

ok but honestly i'm only watching the vmas for cardi b's performance

@blazincamila / Twitter / Via Twitter: @blazincamila

Well the highlights of the #VMAS were... 1. Cardi B 2. Logic's performance with Khalid & Alessia Cara. 3. Paris J…

@HypodermicLowe / Twitter / Via Twitter: @HypodermicLowe

Cardi B's performance was everything ! #vma

@ItsTYBUGGY / Twitter / Via Twitter: @ItsTYBUGGY

I didn't watch the vma's last night but I for damn sure watched Cardi B's performance at 5:30am

@alexis__torres / Twitter / Via Twitter: @alexis__torres

Some even think she should've hosted the whole thing:


MTV, I found the perfect host for you next year: Cardi B #VMAs

@MatteoCarloni1 / Twitter / Via Twitter: @MatteoCarloni1

Especially after she used her main show moment (announcing Demi Lovato's performance) as a chance to show support for former NFL quarterback, Colin Kaepernick.

"Colin Kaepernick, as long as you kneel with us, we're gonna be standing for you." - Cardi B (via @adelleplaton)

@AndresWrites / Twitter / Via Twitter: @AndresWrites


@ReignOfApril / Twitter / Via Twitter: @ReignOfApril

"Colin Kaepernick, as long as you kneel for us, we'll stand with you." -Cardi B Nothing but respect for my president😌 #VMAs

@Jeorgieee / Twitter / Via Twitter: @Jeorgieee

But more than anything, fans were proud of the former Love & Hip Hop star for making such an epic VMA debut.

Never Forget Cardi B makes her VMA debut with a performance at the pre-show 🔥🔥 #VMAs

@forgetmebot / Twitter / Via Twitter: @forgetmebot

BuzzFeed News has reached out to MTV and a representative of Cardi B for comment.

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