11 TV Moments From 2017 That Were Black As Hell

From "bute and thick" to a crazy competitive game of black Monopoly, here are some of the blackest scenes that graced television this year.

1. Whenever Issa's Blood neighbor replaced his C's with B's on Insecure

2. When Olivia’s mom checked her on Scandal

3. When they played "black Monopoly" on Blackish

4. Every time Jenifer Lewis talks on Blackish

5. This "don't get it twisted" moment from This Is Us

6. Every time they watched Defamation on Dear White People

7. Speaking of shows within a show... Due North (the show all the Insecure characters were obsessed with) was also hilariously black

8. When Terry Silver from Power turned out to be a Morehouse man

9. When Annalise's mom schooled the woman at the nursing home about American history in How to Get Away With Murder

10. Whenever Queen Sugar put being black in America into context

11. Cynthia and Joe's reaction to Maxine believing in the universe on The Carmichael Show

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