Russian State Television Is Totally Here For President-Elect Trump

"Perhaps Trump won't put this blonde woman in prison...after all, Trump has always left blondes satisfied."

A lot of people aren't thrilled about the impending reality of Donald Trump's presidency, but you know who's totally here for it? Russian state television.

Russian state TV weekly news program: "In Russia, people are even congratulating themselves with Trump's election."

Pro-Kremlin television host Dmitry Kiselyov spent a good part of the November 13 edition of his weekly news show, Vesti Nedeli, which airs on the state-owned Rossiya-1 channel, talking about Trump, and he seems pretty jazzed.

"In Russia, people are even congratulating themselves with Trump's election," Kiselyov said. This proves there is absolutely no anti-Americanism in Russia, said a man who once warned Russia was still “the only country in the world capable of turning the USA into radioactive dust."

People have expressed concern about what Trump's presidency will mean for democracy and human rights, but Kiselyov isn't stressed TBH. The television host said it was a GOOD thing those words "are not in Trump's lexicon."

Kiselev: "Obama & Hillary soiled the words democracy/human rights. They're not in Trump's lexicon. In the 3 debates…

He said Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton have "befouled" the words badly and suggested why Trump avoided them: "Perhaps it's because under these slogans, the US launched wars in the 20th century that killed hundreds of thousands of people and made millions refugees."

He also wanted to talk about Hillary Clinton, who he often called "the blonde woman."

Russian state TV thinks @realDonaldTrump won't jail Clinton: he's “left blonde women satisfied his whole life.” Ugh.

He speculated that perhaps the president-elect would not put her in prison as he had promised during his campaign because, "after all, Trump has always left blondes satisfied."

You know who Kiselyov is also here for? Trump's advisors, which he compared to "an orchestra of soloists, where each is accustomed to taking responsibility and answering for every single one of his notes."

Russian state TV praising Gingrich: "He's against abortion & gay marriage. He thinks Crimea went to Russia as consequence of Obama politics"

Kiselyov also showed some footage of Russian President Vladimir Putin appearing to predict Trump's win, which Putin was and is also definitely here for.

You can watch the entire show in Russian here.

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H/T The Moscow Times, which has been recapping Kiselyov's broadcasts in a weekly series called The World According To Russian State TV.

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