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Russia Is Totally Covered In WWII Symbols For Tomorrow's 70th Anniversary Celebrations

It's a great time to buy a World War II-themed couch.

Posted on May 8, 2015, at 2:25 p.m. ET

Tomorrow Russia celebrates Victory Day, the 70th anniversary of the Allied defeat of Nazi Germany.


More than 25 million Soviet citizens died in World War II, and the narrative of the victory over fascism was a major part of Soviet identity.

The Russian Victory Day on May 9 has taken on increasing significance as a vehicle to channel national pride and demonstrate military prowess under Russian President Vladimir Putin, especially since Russia's annexation of Ukraine's Crimean peninsula last year.

As people gear up for the big day, symbols of the war are EVERYWHERE.

Victory Day in the poultry aisle (not my photo)

The text on the tray reads "Happy holiday!"

Especially these orange and black ribbons, which were historically part of Russian and Soviet military decorations.

More recently they've been adopted by Russian-backed separatists in Ukraine and have come to symbolize Russian national pride and support for the Kremlin.

The text on the car reads: "Merkel is a slut! Obama is a bitch! [Ukrainian President] Poroshenko is a pederast! Russia won't give up the Donbass!"

Volunteers are handing them out in cities all over Russia.

But some people, not content to pin on a puny little ribbon, are taking their Victory Day game to the next level.

There are high fashion interpretations.

Деньпобедный луи витон в гуме (seriously)

"Victory Day Louis Vuitton in the State Department Store (seriously)"

And interior design options.

Looking for interior decoration tips? How about this lovely Victory Day-themed sofa? #Russia

Perfect for this little guy to curl up on.

There's patriotic cooking oil.

And cognac: "To the victory, in one gulp!"

There are Etsy-esque interpretations.

People are making human ribbons.

And in the Kremlin, you can sit on one.

Коридоры власти В Кремле к празднику перетянули банкетки "под георгиевскую ленточку"

If orange isn't your color, there are World War II-themed photo shoots.

And Victory Day parties that promise "nights here are loud."

"А ночи здесь громкие". Ну какие же вы бляди :-((

Text on the poster reads: "70 best musical tracks, 70 frontline telegrams for men, 70 glasses of Champagne for women."

Meanwhile, Russian authorities have gone on the hunt for Nazi symbols ahead of the May 9 holiday. Even this Pulitzer Prize-winning anti-Nazi graphic novel was removed from bookstores because it depicts swastikas.

The book, Maus, tells the story of a Holocaust survivor.

In Ukraine, the orange and black ribbon has fallen out of favor due to its association with the separatists. The country now marks the anniversary with a red poppy and this year began celebrating on May 8 along with Western Europe for the first time.

Critics argue that Russia's celebrations are perverting the actual meaning of the holiday and the intention to honor veterans.

Зоосалон предлагает тату для собак в виде георгиевской ленточки Ох, не за это деды воевали

"A grooming salon is offering dog tattoos of the St. George's ribbon ... that's not what our grandfathers fought for."

"The price of victory — 63 rubles and 82 kopecks," Russian blogger Rustem Adagamov tweeted.

Цена Победы — 63 рубля 82 копейки

Pictured: Putinka brand vodka with a tag offering a "price of victory!"

More than 25 million Soviet citizens died in World War II. An earlier version of this post said it was more than a quarter million.

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