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Amid Fears Of War, Instagram Users #PrayforUkraine

As tensions rise in Ukraine, Instagram users opposed to Russian military intervention are responding under the hashtag #prayforukraine.

Posted on March 1, 2014, at 2:45 p.m. ET

Several images show young girls wearing Ukrainian national dress and the colors of the country's blue-and-yellow flag.

"My country will not fall on its knees," this person wrote. "My heart is bleeding."

"I'm in shock," this person wrote. "From what and from whom is Russia saving the people in Crimea? #wtf"

Other images commemorate the victims of clashes between protesters and police last week.

One person posted this photo of a box of tissues, describing an "emotional evening with non-stop thoughts about Ukraine in my head."

Other photos lashed out directly at Russian President Vladimir Putin. This one compares him to Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin.

"Please God, stop this global evil in the face of Putin!!!" this person wrote. "Nobody, NOBODY wants war, but only his devil's soul."

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