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8 Russian Cats Who Support Scottish Independence

Scots living outside the country aren't eligible to vote in the historic independence referendum. Neither are cats. But that doesn't mean they can't have opinions.

Posted on September 18, 2014, at 12:43 p.m. ET

Russians have a lot of thoughts about Scotland's independence referendum, with pro-Kremlin officials using it as a way to propagandize the independence referendums they have been pushing in parts of Ukraine.

And then there are cats. Russian cats of Scottish heritage have taken to Instagram to share their own opinions and feelings.

"Friends! The referendum on Scotland's independence takes place September 18, 2014. But few know that there are many Scots among us in Russia and they'd also like to have their say! Give your cat the opportunity to support her homeland in the difficult struggle for freedom — support Scotland. Be William Wallace! Freedom! Scotland! #freedomscotland P.S. Don't forget to hashtag and tell your friends"

They're quite vocal on the issue.

"Stepan made his choice! #YesScotland #freedomScotland #VoteYesScotland #voteyes #ScottishnotBritish #independentScotland #Scottishindependence #referendum #catsforfreedom"

As vocal as cats can be, that is.

"In connection with the coming referendum #freedomscotland"

Like this Scottish Fold who has clearly awoken to the issues at hand.

"#catsleeping #freedomscotland #voteyes"

And this fuzzy freedom fighter.

"Our kitty is fighting for Scotland's freedom #freedomscotland #cat"

And this kitten who bleeds blue and white.

"#freedomscotland #legalizereferendum"

They're even willing to go without treats, should there be any economic fallout.

"More sanctions? No, I didn't hear anything. Freedom for Scotland!!! Highland Straight cat Aphrodite. #freeScotland #freedomforScotland #chickensanctions"

As long as they can still curl up in their favorite cozy spots.

"Tomorrow it appears there'll be a referendum on Scotland's independence. My Scottish cat is all paws YES. :) #freedomScotland"

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