It Appears Melissa McCarthy Actually Was Asked To Return To "Gilmore Girls"

The actor behind Sookie says she was never asked to return, but creator Amy Sherman-Palladino says that if she can be available, she "would write her in and figure it out."

Melissa McCarthy tweeted on Tuesday that she wasn’t asked to be a part of the Gilmore Girls revival.

Thanks for the invite, but sadly no one asked me or Sookie to come back to Stars Hollow. Wish them all the best!!

Needless to say, fans were livid.


@katyjjo @melissamccarthy sobbing in a corner. Sookie is the heart of Stars Hollow :(

Drama in Stars Hollow. The love of Sookie will be a huge hole in the new season.

WHAT! Now I'm a little mad. Seriously Palladino/Netflix. Sookie is the best.

But show creator Amy Sherman-Palladino told TVLine in an interview posted on Monday — before McCarthy's tweet — that she did not write Sookie into the reboot in a major plotline because McCarthy "just simply wouldn’t have that sort of time."

However, she suggests in that interview that she had asked about McCarthy’s availability, saying, "If she has a spare moment to run over, we would be totally game."

BuzzFeed News has reached out to Melissa McCarthy and Warner Bros. for a comment.

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