7 Essays To Read: Volunteering At An Abortion Clinic, Patriarchy, And Stupid Questions

This week, Kaye Toal writes about volunteering at an abortion clinic and what she wishes people understood about abortions. Read that and other essays from Gawker, Harper's Magazine, Medium, and more.

1. "Volunteering at an Abortion Clinic Made Me Lose Patience With the Abortion Debate" — BuzzFeed Life

2. "Dear 14-Year-Old Boy, You Are Not Entitled to Sex" — Medium

3. "Winter Is a Black Hole: How I Deal With Seasonal Depression" — Gawker

4. "I Forgot to Find My Husband at a Black University" — BuzzFeed Ideas

5. "The Zola Show and Why It Was Hard to Look Away" — The Cut

6. "The Mother of All Questions" — Harper's Magazine

7. "Is It Possible to Be Happy on Instagram?" — The New Republic

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