10 Must-Read Essays On Rachel Dolezal

Rachel Dolezal's deception has generated a ton of thoughtful writing. Here are some of the best essays that touch on identity and what it means to be black.

1. "Black Like Her" — The New Yorker

2. "There Is No Comparison Between Transgender People and Rachel Dolezal" — The Guardian

3. "Why Rachel Dolezal Needed to Construct Her Own Black Narrative" — BuzzFeed Ideas

4. "I Am Black. Rachel Dolezal Is Not" — Dame Magazine

5. "Is Rachel Dolezal Black Just Because She Says She Is?" — Slate

6. "Mimicry Is Not Solidarity: Rachel Dolezal and the Creation of Antiracist White Identity" — AlterNet

7. "The Infallibility of Miss Ann (Or, the Last Rachel Dolezal Thinkpiece Ever)" — Ebony

8. "Rachel Dolezal Exposes Our Delusional Constructions and Perceptions of Race" — The Guardian

9. "I’m a White Woman Who Dated a Black Panther. I Could Have Been Rachel Dolezal." — The Washington Post

10. "Trangender vs. Transracial: Caitlyn Jenner & Rachel Dolezal" — So Let's Talk About