7 Essays To Read: Getting Ghosted, No Sex 'Til Marriage, And Sexist Books

This week, Bim Adewunmi interviewed a couple that is abstaining from sex until marriage. Read that and other essays from Literary Hub, Catapult, and more.

1. "The Five Stages of Ghosting Grief" — The New York Times

2. "Students Have a Legal Right to Safe Spaces" — BuzzFeed Ideas

3. "80 Books No Woman Should Read" — Literary Hub

4. "My White Neighbor Thought I Was Breaking Into My Own Apartment. Nineteen Cops Showed up." — The Washington Post

5. "No Sex ‘Til Matrimony" — BuzzFeed Ideas

6. "Vows" — Catapult

7. "The Invisible Foreigner" — The Toast

Want to read more?

Erin Chack recalls what exactly happened when she was in the audience of The Late Show — the night Paris was attacked. Anne Helen Petersen explains why a fake quote and an old photo of Meryl Streep went viral. Lara Parker reveals what it's like to date when you have a medical condition that prevents you from having intercourse. After her visit to The Gentlemen's Expo, Scaachi Koul contemplates the slick rise of vintage masculinity. Susan Cheng (sup!) and Nina Mohan, along with a few other children of immigrants share their moving reactions to Master of None. Kaela Myers explains how dying her hair blue helped her claim her identity as a woman of color. And finally, Meredith Talusan remembers the first murdered trans woman she mourned.

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