7 Essays To Read: Befriending Your Incarcerated Dad, Male-Brides, And Lamar Odom

This week, Georgia Brown describes growing up with an incarcerated father and how they've become friends over the years. Read that and other essays from Fusion, GQ, Sports Illustrated, and more.

1. "How I Learned to Be Friends With My Dad, One Prison Visit at a Time" — BuzzFeed Ideas

2. "I Am Groomzilla" — GQ

3. "What Do Fantasies Really Look Like? The Real Problem With Playboy" — Fusion

4. "Nicki Minaj, White Fragility and Me" — Medium

5. "The Gifts and Ghosts of Lamar Odom" — Sports Illustrated

6. "Can TV Make Us Not Hate Ourselves?" — BuzzFeed

7. "How Doctors Take Women's Pain Less Seriously" — The Atlantic

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Lorelei Lee recalls how she earned her porn star name. Anna Borges reveals what no one tells you about having both depression and anxiety. Iona St Joseph explains everything she learned about her body through playing sports. Kevin Nguyen interviewed Garth Risk Hallberg on what it was like writing the most hyped book of the year. Tom Gara reminds us all that giant corporate mergers are incredibly boring. And finally, Kai Cheng Thom describes pursuing happiness as a trans woman of color.

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