7 Essays To Read This Week: "Mulatto," Consent, And Visual Evidence

This week, Mat Johnson explains why he loves the term "mulatto." Read that and other essays from Jezebel, The Toast, The Cut, the New York Times Magazine, and The New Republic.

1. "Why You Can Kiss My Mulatto Ass" — BuzzFeed Books

2. "It's Easy to Defend a Molester If You Value Godliness Over Consent" — Jezebel

3. "On Asian/Pacific Islander American Stories and Why We Need More of Them" — The Toast

4. "Mad Max Is a Feminist Playbook for Surviving Dystopia" — BuzzFeed Ideas

5. "Not Every Rape Victim Needs to Be Emma Sulkowicz" — The Cut

6. "What We Don’t See" — The New York Times Magazine

7. "The White Protestant Roots of American Racism" — The New Republic

Want to read more? Here are some other essays BuzzFeed published this week.

Lyz Lenz writes about growing up Evangelical and witnessing her church cover up everything from adultery to child sexual abuse — including the abuse that took place within her own family. Anna Dushime writes about her father, who died during the 1994 Rwanda genocide against the Tutsi. Instead of fixating on his death, Dushime remembers the five years she had with him.