7 Essays To Read This Week: Baby Photos, "Girl Movies," And Kurt Cobain

This week, Larissa Pham wrote about growing up in a family that never spoke of mental illnesses. Read that and other essays from Pigeons and Planes, The Cut, Jezebel, and more.

1. "I Watched My Ex Fall in Love With Someone Else on Facebook" — BuzzFeed Ideas

2. "Discovering My Blackness Through Nirvana" — Pigeons and Planes

3. "All About Me" — The Hairpin

4. "We Don’t Talk About Mental Illness in My Family" — BuzzFeed Ideas

5. "What Are You Really Looking For in Other People's Baby Photos?" — Jezebel

6. "The Triumph of the ‘Girl Movie’" — The Cut

7. "Don't Let Them See Your Tampons" — The Atlantic

Want to read more? Here are some other essays BuzzFeed published this week.

Erik Raschke wrote about his dream home in the Netherlands — and how Vladimir Putin is destroying it. Susan Cheng (hi!) looked back on a childhood spent inside her family's Chinese restaurant. Daniel Nester defended "vaguebooking" as a way for us to stay sane in the digital world. Anne Helen Petersen critiqued Entourage and the film's toxic use of homophobia as comedy. Priya Krishna and Kate Taylor ranked 50 Disney Channel Original Movies according to how feminist they are. For BuzzFeed LGBT, John Sherman wrote about the lube problem depicted during gay male sex scenes. And finally, Meredith Talusan explained why trans women care about Caitlyn Jenner's pronouns.

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