7 Essays To Read This Week: Anti-Blackness, Amy Winehouse, And Fathers

This week, Daniel José Older urged U.S. Latinos to speak up about the anti-blackness and injustice taking place in the Dominican Republic. Read that and other essays from The Atlantic, The Washington Post, and more.

1. "Take Down the Confederate Flag—Now" — The Atlantic

2. "What It's Like When Your Fiancé Has Cancer" — Jezebel

3. "Shooters of Color Are Called ‘Terrorists’ and ‘Thugs.’ Why Are White Shooters Called ‘Mentally Ill’?" — The Washington Post

4. "I Fell for the Perfect Guy, But Not for His Open Relationship" — BuzzFeed Life

5. "We All Destroyed Amy Winehouse" — Pitchfork

6. "U.S. Latinos Need to Get Loud About the Dominican Republic" — BuzzFeed Ideas

7. "Missing a Father I Hardly Knew" — The New York Times Magazine

Want to read more? Here are some other essays BuzzFeed published this week.

Adam Serwer explained why Rachel Dolezal needed to construct her own black narrative. Meredith Talusan criticized the way Dolezal abused the language of trans activists to justify her actions. (Read more thought-provoking essays on Dolezal here.) Shannon Keating wrote about her adventures in queer girl Tinder. Alison Caporimo put together a kid-friendly guide to explaining death. David Kushner wrote about having actor Jordan Clarke as a handyman. Anne Helen Petersen wrote about how In Touch's coverage on the Duggars has changed tabloid journalism. Lilit Marcus pointed out something we probably never realized about sign language. Kate Aurthur wrote about Kristen Stewart and the tabloids' coverage of sex-same couples. Dan Vergano explained how he came to Jesus on global warming. Isabelle Laureta recalled growing up with a father who raised her through silence. And finally, an anonymous contributor wrote about her dad — and an estranged half-sister.

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