Looks Like Twitter Has A Crush On This Hot Brazilian Official

Brazil's political crisis produces a hero. A hot hero.

This is representative Alessandro Molon. He's a representative in Brazil's congress, a member of the Rede party, and a certified hottie.

At least according to Twitter. During proceedings in the lower house of congress to consider impeachment of the president this weekend, Molon spoke twice. And Twitter loved it. This person said: "The eye refreshing representative is Alessandro Molon."

o deputado e colírio Alessandro Molon

"Molon has only 30 minutes to speak because he is way too cute."

Molon tem 30 min pra falar pois gato demais

"Wake me up when it's Alessandro Molon's time to speak #grab #me #hottie."

me acordem quando chegar a vez do alessandro molon discursar #me #pega #gato

"Dude, my nipples go hard when lawmaker Molon starts speaking what a fucking hot lawmaker."

nossa mano meus farol acende quando o alessandro molon começa a falar que deputado gato pita q poriu

"Molon you don't make us united, you make us wet."

molon vc n unifica vc umidifica gato

There's one thing Brazilians seem to particularly love about 44-year-old Molon.

"Guys I think Molon is a good looking silver fox."

gente eu acho o molon um coroa muito gato

"Men all around be like Molon and DON'T dye your hair... gray hair is much more beautiful! Thank you very much!"

Homens façam como o Molon NÃO pintem os cabelos...grisalho é mto mais bonito! De nada!

"My whole timeline wants to mary law maker Molon (REDE-RJ) and his gray hair."

Minha timeline inteira quer casar com o DEP. Molon (REDE - RJ) e seus cabelos grisalhos

The people have spoken.

Brazil may be in crisis, but...

...a new hottie has emerged.

"Speaks the truth, doesn't yell stuff, is elegant and still has silky hair: this lawmaker Molon gets a 10/10."

Fala verdades, não grita, está elegante e ainda tem cabelos sedosos: 10/10 esse deputado Molon.

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Because of a translation error, this post incorrectly identified Molon as a member of the Worker's Party. While he used to belong to the Worker's Party he now belongs to the Rede party.

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