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50 Things A "Yo" Can Mean

People can make fun of the new and deceptively simple app Yo all they want, but Yo contains multitudes.

Posted on June 23, 2014, at 6:10 p.m. ET

If you've ever wished that texting with someone was even more cryptic, passive, and confusing — Yo is the app for you! The incredibly, stupidly, wonderfully stupid app simply scans your phone for contacts and allows you to send them a push notification and, if they have their sound on, a tiny robotic voice saying "yo." Yo is all it says, and it doesn't even keep track of your Yo-history or do any of the other things you might expect a silly app to do. It's infuriating and ridiculous and yes, it's wonderful.

1. Yo, I just downloaded this app.

2. Yo, I'm yo-ing everyone in my contacts who has Yo.

3. Yo, I guessed your username based on your Twitter handle, is this you?

4. Yo, I don't have your phone number so this will have to do.

5. Yo, you just told me to download Yo so here I am I guess — what is this?

6. Yo, I am testing Yo.

7. Yo, is this really all there is to it?

8. Yo, I hope you're in an important meeting and you left the ringer on your phone, that would be hilarious.

9. Yo, I want to send you the winky emoticon, but this is less obvious and weird.

10. Yo, I just saw you Instagram something so I know you're on your phone right now — YO!

11. Yo, I can't remember if I Yo'd you back the last time you Yo'd me so here's another Yo just in case.

12. Yo, you're standing right next to me — is this annoying yet?

13. Yo, I know everyone is making fun of Yo but you're with me and I appreciate that.

14. Yo!!!

15. Yo, who is this?

16. Yo, you keep Yo'ing me and I don't even know who you are but FINE here's a Yo.

17. Yo, are you still on Yo or did you delete the app?

18. Yo, I'm drunk.

19. Yo, I just thought about your face.

20. Yo, I'm going to bed.

21. Yo, I just woke up.

22. Yo, we are talking about Yo right now.

23. Yo, thanks for listening.

24. Yo, can you call me please?

25. Yo, someone else Yo'd me and your name was just staring at me.

26. Yo, I was just wondering what you're doing right now and now I can answer that question with "looking at this Yo."

27. Yo, trying to make sure I don't just Yo one person all the time so Yo.

28. Yo, I wish we were better friends.

29. Yo, I have no other way to express my feelings right now other than this so Yo.

30. Yo, you just mentioned Yo on Facebook but I don't think you've replied to my last Yo yet, so... Yo?

31. Yo, this is a passive aggressive Yo because I actually think you're terrible but I don't want you to ever know that.

32. Yo, I just realized that I thought this username was someone else this entire time and I have no actual idea who you are.

33. Yo, this is the level of flirting I've resorted to.

34. Yo, my finger slipped when I was trying to Yo someone else I like-like.

35. Yo, can you believe this app received $1 million in funding?

36. Yo, should we invent an app?

37. Yo, I don't even know you that well but I'm starting to feel a connection due to the frequency with which you Yo me back.

38. Yo, I wish we were texting but I don't know how to say that.

39. Yo, please come over.

40. Yo, it's too late at night for any other form of communication.

41. Yo, I can't stop thinking about you.

42. Yo, you're my best friend.

43. Yo, are you awake?

44. Yo, you are very far away and it feels a little less far when I send you a Yo.

45. Yo, you just left and I already miss you.

46. Yo, you just complained about how no one ever Yos you and this was literally the least I could do.

47. Yo, you live far away and I miss you but not enough to send an email.

48. Yo, was your last Yo a meaningful Yo?

49. Yo, I really wish I could explain which kind of Yo this is.

50. Yo, all of the above.