8 Scientific Reasons Why Having A Female Boss Is The Best

Of course there are wonderful and terrible bosses of both genders, but as surveys still show that workers of both genders prefer a male boss, it might be time to look at the science of female bosses. Spoiler alert: They rule!

1. Some have concluded that women's brains are wired for making connections, listening and remembering, and intuition.

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Studies mapping brains show that women's left and right brains are highly connected, making them better equipped for multitasking and combining/connecting "logical thinking" with "intuitive thinking." It's worth noting that these studies can't definitively predict behavior.

2. Women are great communicators.

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"Women are stronger communicators and better connectors than men," said Jay Forte in the New York Daily News, "and they're more astute about knowing how to activate passion in their employees. They watch the 43 muscles in your face and see how your emotions change."

Women are also significantly more likely than men to talk to their friends and family about their problems and stress, meaning they bring fewer of those problems to the workplace.

3. Women have an eager and attentive approach to learning, starting at a young age.

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A study of more than 5,800 students showed that girls perform better in school due to their attentiveness, task persistence, eagerness to learn, learning independence, flexibility, and organization. Those sound like pretty good qualities in any co-worker, especially someone in charge.

4. Women are good with money.


As explained in The Washington Post, a study found single female investors outperformed single men by 2.3%, female investment groups outperformed male counterparts by 4.6%, and women overall outperformed by 1.4%. This is because male investors traded 45% more than female investors, and they made a lot more bad decisions. So who would you trust with decisions about your salary and bonuses?

Another study showed that women are less likely to waste money on aggressive mergers or building empires, giving better value to shareholders than their male equivalents.

5. Women are great at compromising and making fair decisions.

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According to a 2013 survey of more than 600 board directors, women are "more likely to consider the rights of others and to take a cooperative approach to decision-making." This means better performance for their companies.

6. Women appreciate the need for "work-life balance."

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Women in charge are more tolerant of their staff doing personal chores during work hours, and are more likely to take personal situations into account when it comes to management.

7. Women are really good at multitasking.

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This study shows that women are faster and more organized than men when switching rapidly between tasks. If you've ever seen a good female boss at work answering emails and phone calls while juggling meetings and other projects, you know this is true.

8. Women are amazing leaders.

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A survey of 7,280 leaders who were evaluated in 2011 showed that women outperform men in a range of categories and are overall better leaders. The categories where women scored significantly higher than men included "takes initiative," "practices self-development," "displays high integrity and honesty," "drives for results," and "develops others." Whew, ladies are awesome.

CORRECTION: A previous version of this list overstated the conclusions of the brain wiring study in item #1. We've added some language to make it more clear that many of the study's conclusions have been questioned.