The People You Needed To Read About In 2016

From the world's greatest gymnast to the world's youngest dictator, these were some of our favorite profiles of the year.

How The World's Greatest Gymnast Became Inevitable — Dvora Meyers

At Home With Ina Garten — Sandra Allen

The Short Life Of Deonte Hoard — Albert Samaha

How Plastic Surgeon Dr. Miami Became A Snapchat Sensation — Marisa Carroll

Searching For Sundar Pichai — Mat Honan

Juanita Broaddrick Wants To Be Believed — Katie J.M. Baker

How The Rest Of The World Caught Up To Tegan And Sara — Laura Snapes

How Tessa Thompson Became A Modern Marvel — Anita Badejo

All The Dirt On Rona Barrett, Hollywood's Original Gossip Girl — Anne Helen Petersen

Are The Omaha Two Murderers Or Martyrs? — Elena Carter

Meet The Maserati-Driving Deadhead Lawyer Who Stands Between Hackers And Prison — Joe Bernstein

Michael Chabon Is An Underdog On Top Of The World — Doree Shafrir

Ivan Wilzig's God Complex — Jeremy D. Larson

The Secret History Of The Photo At The Center Of The Black Confederate Myth — Adam Serwer

You're Listening To Delilah — Nick Murray

Hillary Clinton Wants To Talk To You About Love And Kindness — Ruby Cramer

You Have Heard Bernard Purdie Play Drums — John Lingan

Chris Pratt Is The Last Thing We Can All Agree On — Adam B. Vary

How To Survive A Lynching — Syreeta McFadden

What Do You Do With Your Life After You've Already Been The World's Youngest Dictator? — Monica Mark

FiveThirtyHate: Meet The Trump Movement’s Post-Truth, Post-Math Anti-Nate Silver — Charlie Warzel

The Ballerina Who Accused Her Instructor Of Sexual Assault — Jessica Luther

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