Fans Have Admitted That They Are “Losing Respect” For Taylor Swift Because She Isn’t Telling “Rabid” Swifties To Stop Targeting Her Ex Joe Alwyn Online

“It'd be nice if Taylor could make a statement condemning her fans who do this,” one person wrote. “I wish I still had enough faith that she'd do something like that for anyone but herself.”

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Last April, Taylor Swift fans were left stunned when it was announced that she had split from her boyfriend Joe Alwyn after more than six years together.

Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn sitting at a table with a floral centerpiece. The individual on the left is wearing a sleeveless dress

Also around this time, Taylor’s publicist, Tree Paine, posted a tweet that not only denied speculation that Taylor and Joe had been secretly married before their split but also said that the rumors were causing "pain and trauma" for Taylor.

Taylor Swift on stage in a green dress with a projected image of herself in the background

Considering all of this recent discourse around Taylor’s last relationship, it’s unsurprising that when she announced her upcoming album earlier this month, Joe was at the forefront of everybody’s mind.

Joe Alwyn in a suit posing for a photo at a media event
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Others appeared to be a little more pointed, including “Fresh Out the Slammer” and “But Daddy I Love Him,” which Swifties respectively claimed were going to be about Taylor feeling imprisoned during her relationship, and giving up her voice for a man.

Taylor Swift with Joe Alwyn, both in stylish dark coats, walking and holding hands

And it has now been revealed that Swifties have even created an AI-edited video of Joe to paint him in a negative light — and then manipulated a community note that exposed the fact that the clip isn’t real.

Screenshot of an X community note

Taking to X, formerly known as Twitter, one Taylor fan shared an old video that somebody secretly filmed when walking past Taylor and Joe in a New Orleans restaurant, writing: “Streets are saying Joe said ‘You don’t get to tell me about sad’ here.”

Please note: The audio in the below video has been AI generated and is not real.

Streets are saying Joe said “You don’t get to tell me about sad” here

— Mai ⋆。°✩ (@Maitaylorsver) February 23, 2024
X / Via Twitter: @Maitaylorsver

Sure enough, in this version of the clip, over the hustle and bustle of restaurant noise, an English man can faintly be heard saying: “You don’t get to tell me about sad.” 

The video has been viewed more than 650,000 times since it was posted on Friday, with Taylor fans purposefully sharing it to give it bigger reach.

However, the original version of the video — which was reportedly filmed in December 2022 — is still live on YouTube, and this line is not at all audible in the original sound. 

But when a community note was added to the tweet to point this out to unsuspecting social media users, Taylor’s fans rated it as “not helpful” en masse, leading to the note being deleted. 

Another Taylor fan posted the manipulated video to TikTok, and multiple other users have claimed that when they commented to expose the fact that it is fake, their comment was deleted.

Discussing the situation on a Reddit forum, people called Taylor out for not making any effort to reign her fans in. One person wrote: “Even if I absolutely hated my ex, if people were treating him this maliciously, I would release a statement asking them to stop.”

Person performing on stage in a sparkling bodysuit with a microphone

And Joe is far from the only one of Taylor’s exes to have been targeted by Swifties over the years, with Jake Gyllenhaal also getting the villain treatment after Taylor wrote about their short-lived 2010 relationship.

Taylor Swift wearing a sparkling bejeweled necklace and dramatic makeup, posing at an event

And in 2021, John Mayer — who briefly dated Taylor in 2009 — revealed that he was still receiving death threats from her fans on Instagram more than a decade after they broke up.

Taylor Swift in a sequined dress at the American Music Awards event
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