Pete Davidson Finally Shared His Response To Kanye West’s Recent Behavior And Everything Has Gotten So Much Messier

Buckle up because this is quite a ride.

OK. It’s safe to say that Sunday was ⁓a lot⁓ in terms of Kimye content, with Kanye West — who legally changed his name to Ye last year — making a whole load of allegations, and Pete Davidson’s best friend, Dave Sirus, leaking text messages that Pete had seemingly sent to Ye.

It doesn’t help that Ye continued with his tradition of deleting his Instagram posts within hours of sharing them, and Dave also did the same with the leaked messages.

But never fear, because I have taken it upon myself to work out exactly what went down between Kim Kardashian, Ye, and Pete over the past week and have created a timeline according to all of the various claims.

In case you are a total novice, here is a quick summary of what has happened so far: Kim filed for divorce from Ye back in February 2021. In October, she began dating Saturday Night Live comic Pete, and in December she filed to become legally single as she claimed that Ye had not responded to “repeated requests” to terminate their marriage.

In January, Ye began to publicly attack both Kim and Pete through his song lyrics and social media posts. He called into question Kim’s parenting, accused her of keeping him from their kids, and threatened to “beat Pete Davidson’s ass.”

Things continued to escalate throughout February, but came to a head earlier this month when Ye released a controversial music video that showed him kidnapping and decapitating Pete, and burying him alive.

Another thing that I should mention before we dive into the more recent developments is that Kim sparked backlash for her advice to women in business last week, when she told Variety: “Get your fucking ass up and work. It seems like nobody wants to work these days.”

Kim was accused of not acknowledging her privilege as a billionaire and celebrity with the “offensive” comment. She did not respond to the criticism, but she did go Instagram official with Pete on Friday as she shared her first photos with him on social media.

Now, back to Ye. In a series of now-deleted videos and screenshots that were posted on Sunday, the rapper unveiled an apparent timeline of what went down before things exploded online at the weekend.

Despite previously buying the house across the street from Kim and their four children — North, 8, Saint, 6, Chicago, 4, and 2-year-old Psalm — Ye said that he was staying two hours out of Los Angeles, but did a six-hour (round-trip) drive three times during the week to spend time with the kids.

“I was at the house three times this week,” Ye said in a video on Sunday. “I was staying two hours out of LA, I drove a total of six hours every day, three days in a row, taking the kids to school.”

In fact, Ye revealed that Kim is so keen to have a healthy co-parenting relationship with him that she even let him into her house so that he could put the kids to bed.

“I was in the house with Kim, putting the kids to bed, doing puzzles, doing homework,” he said. Ye also added that seeing his children made him feel “alive again” as he admitted to struggling to get motivated after North wasn’t able to make his Donda 2 album launch last month.

Despite things looking promising between the pair, Ye and Kim’s relationship soured on Saturday afternoon when he texted her at 2:13 p.m. and said that he’d moved his weekly Sunday Service to 10 a.m. so that he could make Saint’s soccer game later that day, and she told him that North would not be able to make that time.

“I moved Sunday service to 10am 2mrw so I could go to Saint’s game,” the text read, adding in his Instagram post’s caption: “This is where I gave the time of service with more than enough time to get the children there. Why is this OK? Cause of my political opinions? Cause I’m a man? Cause they poke at the idea of my mental health?”

Kim had not replied in the screenshot that Ye shared, but it appears that they communicated in a different way as Ye said that he was told North was at a sleepover on Saturday night, so couldn’t attend the service.

In another text to Kim, Ye had written: “When I say bring my kids somewhere. I’m not going through this no more. Why the fuck is it up to you where my kids are if we so called have joint custody?”

In a later video, Ye said: “We have Sunday Service this morning at 10 a.m. and it’s ‘North had a sleepover so she can’t come to Sunday Service.’ I moved Sunday Service to 10 a.m. so that I can go to Saint’s soccer game at 12:30 p.m., moved the entire thing.”

At 6.18 a.m. on Sunday morning, Ye sent Kim a screenshot of her and North’s recent TikTok upload, which also featured North’s cousin Penelope.

In the video, which was shared to their joint profile last week, North, Kim, and Penelope all lip-synch “I fell in love with an emo girl,” which is a line from Machine Gun Kelly’s new song that was trending on TikTok at the time.

Kim and the kids are all wearing heavy eyeliner, with Kim and North also adding black lipstick to match the lyrics of the song.

Ye also shared the screenshot to his Instagram page, which he captioned: “I told y’all before about this TikTok stuff. Now my 8 year old on here singing she fell in love with an emo girl. Leftist don’t want fathers to have no say in our children’s lives.”

Ye went on to reveal what school North goes to in the caption, branding it a “godless” establishment. He also lashed out at Perez Hilton and comedian D.L. Hughley who’d recently accused Ye of “abusing” Kim and getting away with it because he’s famous.

Hughley had also said: “He is stalking her. You can think it’s cute. If it was my daughter, I’d do something about it. I don’t think it’s funny. I think that you can’t write a beat so good that you get to do these things, and society laughs it off because they say, ‘Well, she’s showing her ass all the time and he’s this and he’s that.’”

Ye wrote on Instagram: “Never put my name next to the word abuse, don’t play with my name like that, I’m a real person who wants the best for my children.” He went on to seemingly threaten Hughley, writing: “Don’t speak on me or my children, I can afford to hurt u.”

In a separate post, Ye shared a screengrab of gossip site TMZ before targeting Hughley some more, writing in the caption: “DL, God does not like you, you have no favor, your family hates you, I would hate to be related to somebody who used to be famous now you just known as a broke pawn.”

He ended the caption by referencing Pete, who he calls “Skete,” missing several recent episodes of SNL, saying: “You see Skete missing work. Anybody else wanna play with me? Please, please, please for the love of God come and get me, let’s see how it turns out.”

In another post that some interpreted to be a threat against Hughley, Ye shared a screenshot of the star’s online profile and wrote: “Wuuuuuuuuuuut??? DL lives in Calabasas??????? Yooooooo God is good.” He also added a smiling emoji.

Ye’s focus then returned to North’s TikTok video, with the rapper having a phone conversation with Kim about the “Emo Girl” post on Sunday morning.

Speaking in a video that he posted to social media, Ye said: “I just got off the phone with Kim. I told her to stop antagonizing me with this TikTok thing. I said it’s never again. I am her father. I know y’all don’t respect fathers and the idea of family, and the media try to promote something… I said I’m not allowing my daughter to be used by TikTok, to be used by Disney, I have a say-so.”

The Disney mention appears to be a reference to the Kardashians’ new reality show, which will air on Disney+ outside of America.

Ye added: “There’s not such thing as 50/50 custody in society today, it always leans towards the mom.”

“When we had the Donda 2 release in Miami, I got a flight for all my kids to come from Calabasas,” he went on. “The assistant said the kids are on there, when the plane took off I got a text from Kim that said: ‘North won’t be on the plane.’ This is the kind of stuff — just like Chicago’s birthday party, and I’m glad you all saw in the Variety piece what I have to deal with.”

Ye mentioned the Variety backlash in another post as well, where he claimed that his instinct was to defend Kim from the critics.

He said: “I wanted to come to Kim’s defense in some way, when everyone was attacking her about Variety, because my heart and spirit is to protect at all costs, and I just look at my daughter, full makeup, singing she’s in love with an emo girl on TikTok and I have no say or approval.”

Ye then added: “I’m the one that made them cool, but then I’m not asked what’s cool from my actual children in America.”

Ye also posted a video that showed him praying to God for his kids to attend Sunday Service that morning. In the clip, he said: “God, you protect the children. I know our nannies, some of them are Christian, you touch them please, God, today, have them bring my children to Sunday Service this morning. The devil ain’t gonna win, this is gaslighting.”

The rapper went on to share a screenshot of a text message he’d received from a friend that appeared to suggest that he has different approaches when it comes to parenting his daughters and his sons.

The text read: “They’re trying to use North against you. They know that’s your only trigger. They aren’t using the other kids because they aren’t old enough & are pretty much babies.”

“Saint on TikTok wouldn’t trigger you as much because he’s your son & our boys have US in them,” the message continued. “North & Chi pull on your heart strings the most because they are the delicate children. They’re girls & we [are] protectors due to our knowledge of women being abused in this world.”

It was at around this point that Pete’s best friend, Dave Sirus, shared “a message from Pete” to his Instagram page as Pete does not have a social media presence.

The message was just several screenshots of a text conversation that Pete had allegedly had with Ye that morning, defending Kim and offering to meet up for a face-to-face talk.

Prior to this, the only reaction that we had seen from Pete amid Ye's constant social media posts was a screenshot of a text message he’d allegedly sent Ye vowing to never get between him and his four children, which Ye leaked to Instagram at the time.

In the first text that he sent on Sunday, which was seemingly prompted by Ye's phone conversation with Kim that morning, Pete referred to himself by the nickname Ye had given him, writing: “Yo it’s Skete.”

He went on to write: “Can you please take a second and calm down. It’s 8a.m. and it don’t gotta be like this. Kim is literally the best mother I’ve ever met. What she does for those kids is amazing and you are so fucking lucky that she’s your kids’ mom. I’ve decided I’m not gonna let you treat us this way anymore and I’m done being quiet. Grow the fuck up.”

Ye replied: “Oh you using profanity. Where are you right now?” To which Pete sent a topless selfie and wrote back: “In bed with your wife.”

Ye referenced this in a later video, telling fans: “The boyfriend text me, antagonizing me, bragging about me in bed with my ‘wife.’ I fought publicly for a year and a half, I’ve been dragged how she’s not my wife, and now he’s texting me talking and bragging about how he’s in bed with my wife, and I’m like: ‘Who’s watching my children?’”

He added: “Kim chose our kids to be watched by other people, she wasn’t with our kids — her boyfriend is texting me pictures of him naked in bed talking about: ‘I’m with your wife.’ I thought she wasn’t my wife.”

Texting Pete, Ye replied to the selfie with: “Happy to see you’re out of the hospital and rehab,” and Pete encouraged Ye to seek help himself before adding: “I’m in LA for the day if you wanna stop being a little internet bitch boy and talk. You don’t scare me bro, your actions are so pussy and embarrassing. It’s so sad to watch you ruin your legacy on the daily.”

Ye then invited Pete to Sunday Service, but Pete suggested waiting until after Saint’s soccer game, offering: “I’ll be at the BHH, we can have food and talk it out in my room. Privately one on one. Man to man. What you are doing to your family is dangerous and going to scar them for life. Please handle these matters privately bro I beg you.”

But Ye doubled down, saying: “You wanna see me, come to Sunday Service.” Pete replied to say that he wants to keep the meeting private, adding: “I’m not here for pictures and press, which is obviously all you care about.”

He then shared empathy for Ye’s mental health struggles, with the rapper announcing he'd been diagnosed with bipolar disorder in 2016. Pete, who has spoken at length about having borderline personality disorder, said: “Let me help you, man. I struggle with mental stuff too, it’s not an easy journey. You don’t have to feel this way anymore, there’s no shame in having a little help. You’ll be so happy and at peace.”

Pete went on to tell Ye that he had “no idea” how nice he’d been behind the scenes, revealing that he’d stopped SNL from making fun of Ye, even though they have wanted to “for months.” He added: “I’ve stopped stand up comedians from doing bits about you cause I don’t want the father of my girls kids to look bad out there. I have your back even though you treat me like shit because I want everything to be smooth.”

Revealing how long Ye’s behavior toward him has been going on for, Pete then claimed: “If you continue to press me like you have for the past six months I’m gonna stop being nice.”

Dave deleted Pete’s messages after a few hours, with Ye also deleting all of his Instagram posts from the day before sharing a screenshot of a text he’d sent of Dave’s profile to a friend.

He asked the friend for Dave’s address, and they replied: “I believe his real name is David Pollack, originally from Atlantic City. Brooklyn! He lived in apartments his whole life with others!”

While Ye didn’t say anything else, some interpreted the request for Dave’s address as another threat.

But ultimately, it was his kids not being able to attend Sunday Service that Ye was the most unhappy about as he shared his fear that North is “being led by people who don’t believe in God,” referencing TikTok again.

He wrote: “My daughter will not be led by people who don’t believe in God. I am in a very good place, and a very God place.”

Ye then added: “This all feels like a set-up they want me to react, if I flew back from Miami and none of my kids are coming to Sunday Service… I am public about this because we are famous. Praying and expressing how I have no rights to my children is the only thing I can legally do.”

In another video, Ye said: “Factually, I was demanding to see my children and bring them to Sunday Service with me because that’s one of the places they get to be. Why do I even have to give an explanation?”

Referencing the video he’d posted of himself praying, he went on: “But the fact I was praying online, in a public forum, lets you know how diminished I am as a father. It can even get to that point, as I was leaving church and my kids wasn’t there I was like… Why do I have to pray to see my children?”

Ye also accused Kim and her family of wanting him to have a “meltdown,” saying that “they want to see what’s going to happen, if I can be gaslit, if I can be pushed to a limit.”

And acknowledging some people who have said that Kim could use Ye’s “mental health” against him in a custody battle, he said: “They’re going to use my mental health for custody? I don’t have custody!”

Seemingly addressing Kim directly, Ye added: “The thing that you’re not going to do is get me to do anything illegal, or anything erratic.”

Another of Ye’s claims was that Kim is a “bitter baby mama,” as he suggested that she’d changed her rules around co-parenting after she saw him at a basketball game with new girlfriend Chaney Jones last week.

He said: “If I pop out at the game, all of a sudden Kim is not texting me back. That is baby mama 101, but I’m not having it. I want, as a godly person, to not even blame Kim in this situation but you’ve got to understand that people who are controlled and compressed want to control and compress other people. People who are free want to free other people. I’ve always been free.”

Ye’s posts even continued into Monday, where he shared a photo of North’s backpack, which has pins of his and Kim’s faces, as well as an alien. He captioned the post: “This was on my daughters back pack when I was ‘allowed’ to see her last week. This is why I go so hard for my family. I am wired to protect my family at all cost. As the priest of my home. Don’t worry Northy, God is still alive.”

This prompted Kim’s only response to Ye’s social media posts from the weekend. She commented: “Please stop with this narrative, you were just here this morning picking up the kids for school.”

Prior to this, it had been business as usual on Instagram for Kim, where she ignored the drama and instead reposted photos of Rihanna’s baby bump and maternity fashion to her Instagram story, writing: “OMGGGGGG, BEST PREGNANCY STYLE EVER!!!!”

Hours later, Kim shared a brand-new teaser trailer for the family's upcoming reality show, where she can be seen speaking about her and Ye's strained relationship.

Meanwhile, Pete’s friend Dave has now made his Instagram page private, and there has been no further comment from Pete.

And when all of this can unfold in the space of just a few hours, there’s literally no way of predicting what is going to happen next.

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