Kanye West Just Liked A Sexy Underwear Photo Of Larsa Pippen After She Suggested That He Was Responsible For Her Feud With Ex–Best Friend Kim Kardashian

Larsa previously claimed that Kanye would call her in the middle of the night for advice and became “really upset” when she blocked his number.

Any true Kim Kardashian fan will be aware of her relationship with The Real Housewives of Miami star Larsa Pippen — after all, the two were best of friends for years.

However, their friendship came to an abrupt end in 2020, and Larsa suggested at the time that this was due to Kim’s then-husband Kanye West, who legally changed his name to Ye in August.

Speaking in November 2020, Larsa claimed that Ye had “brainwashed” Kim and her sisters against her because he felt “threatened.”

She told the Hollywood Raw podcast: “I just feel like Kanye was in a place where he really didn’t trust anyone with Kim, so I feel like I was the person that was like, ‘Oh, don’t be so close to her because you’re so close to her.’ That kinda had something to do with it.”

“I don’t want to be the trouble in your relationship. If your husband feels threatened by my relationship with you, then I don’t want to be that person. I got my own shit,” Larsa added.

Larsa also faced reports that she’d hooked up with Khloé Kardashian’s on/off boyfriend Tristan Thompson and flirted with Kylie Jenner’s partner Travis Scott.

She vehemently denied both allegations at the time and suggested that it was Ye’s influence that had turned the family against her as they began to “ride [his] wave.”

“He has literally brainwashed the whole family into thinking that, like, I don’t even know what,” Larsa said. “I don’t even know. If you’re that easily swayed like the wind, do I really give a fuck?”

“If Kanye feels like Kim and him are better without me, then let them be without me,” she went on. “Do I look like I’m suffering? Was it hurtful? Yes. This shall pass, too.”

But Larsa also offered a sense of understanding to her former best friend, saying of Kim: “‘Do what’s best for your family. I love you, you and I are best friends, we’ve been through everything together. I would never do anything to jeopardize our relationship. If you have to unfollow me to make your home a better place, then do it.’”

Larsa spoke about her and Kim’s feud on Real Housewives as well, claiming that their friendship fell apart because she was “stuck in the middle” of Kim and Ye and “knew too much.”

“I was best friends with Kim, and I love her and I love Kanye, and I just was the person that was stuck in the middle. I took a beating because I was the friend that was basically there and saw everything,” Larsa explained. “And that basically was the demise of our relationship. I knew too much, I was a problem.”

Larsa also said that she and Ye “always had a great relationship” before the feud, even revealing that he would call her at all hours of the night seeking advice.

She claimed that she became the rapper’s “go-to person to call when he wasn’t happy with x, y and z,” but when she blocked his number to limit how much he could phone her, he became “really upset.”

Despite this, it appears to be Ye who is attempting to build bridges with Larsa following the breakdown of his and Kim’s marriage, with Kim having been declared “legally single” in court last week.

The ruling came more than 12 months after Kim first filed for divorce from her husband of six years, who she shares four children with.

And while Kim hasn’t made any public moves to reconnect with Larsa now that she is no longer with Ye, Ye has seemingly hinted at an alliance with his ex-wife’s former BFF.

In fact, eagle-eyed Instagram users were shocked to see that Ye had liked a sexy lingerie photo of Larsa that was posted to In Touch Weekly’s social media account over the weekend.

The publication had shared the photo alongside the caption: “She earned it! 💪 #LarsaPippen clapped back at rumors that the #RHOM star received a Brazilian butt lift. 🇧🇷🍑 Find out what she said about her ‘work-out’ regimen at the link in bio.”

Ye did not comment on the post, and Larsa still isn’t one of the 7,000 people that he follows on Instagram.

But this is not the first hint of unity that Larsa and Ye have showcased in recent weeks, with Larsa confusing followers when she promoted Ye’s controversial Stem Player on her social media profile last month.

Ye sparked backlash when he revealed that the only way fans could hear his new album, Donda 2, was by ordering the $200 device, but Larsa was quick to get her hands on one and post a video of it to her Instagram story.

Responding to Larsa's public support for Ye at the time, one fan wrote on a Reddit forum: “Ohh so by ‘I knew too much’ you meant ‘sided with him.’” Another person commented: “She knew too much about him I bet!!! Girl done picked her side.”

Despite this, Larsa has also publicly backed Kim amid her new relationship with Pete Davidson.

When asked about them on the Behind the Velvet Rope With David Yontef podcast on Monday, Larsa said: “You know what? If they’re happy, I’m happy. When people are happy it shows. I feel like they’re happy. So that’s all that matters.”

There’s no doubt that this comment could quickly become a source of contention for Ye, with the rapper currently embroiled in a one-sided feud with Pete.

Ye has repeatedly lashed out at the Saturday Night Live comic in both his new song lyrics and on social media, with some people even encouraging Pete to take legal action following the release of Ye’s “Eazy” music video last week.

The controversial video showed a claymation version of Ye kidnap, decapitate, and bury alive a replica of Pete. Ye was accused of “gaslighting” and “playing the victim” when he took to his Instagram page on Sunday and said that the footage was nothing more than “art” amid the fierce backlash.

Pete and Kim have both yet to comment on Ye’s recent antics, but a source told Page Six that Pete is using it as an opportunity to “grow” and that he is determined to turn “all of the negativity into a positive thing.”

They added: “He finds the fact that Kanye included a cartoon version of him in his music video hysterical. He is almost flattered by it all because it is so ridiculous to him.”

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