Chloe Cherry Is The Latest “Euphoria” Star To Address Their Appearance Being Scrutinized By Viewers As She Admitted That The Constant Memes About Her Lips Are “Surreal”

Chloe is the third Euphoria star to open up about the impact that viewers’ comments on their appearance has on them.

The much-anticipated second season of Euphoria finally hit our screens last month after production was shut down by COVID-19.

In the two years between the first season airing and the second’s premiere, the script was almost entirely rewritten, but one storyline that made it to air was the introduction of Faye.

Played by adult film star Chloe Cherry, Faye is addicted to heroin and staying with Fezco and Ashtray after escaping a drug raid.

Fan theories have been swirling around the character for weeks, with some convinced that she is secretly working for the police to expose Fez.

It was later revealed that her boyfriend, Custer, was going to try and get Fez to confess to killing Mouse, and viewers are anxious to find out whether Faye will betray her partner and spill his plan.

Landing the role was an absolute dream for the actor, who confessed to being a “huge fan” of Euphoria before she was cast. In fact, she already followed every one of her castmates on social media before their first meeting.

“I would notice that I already knew people’s names on the set even if they had really tiny parts because I had already been so into the show,” she said in a new interview. “I thought it was so amazing — everything about it. Going on set has been the ultimate experience of a lifetime.”

And while Faye has ultimately had a warm welcome from fans, Chloe’s experience has been tarnished somewhat after she was subjected to some cruel messages online about her appearance, particularly the size of her lips.

faye better open her jumbo lips and say something to fezco #Euphoria

Twitter: @iamnothscox94

how faye’s lips look like this episode #Euphoria

Twitter: @swaytpwk

In her interview, Chloe revealed that she was completely surprised by the remarks and said that her lips never got this reaction before she found fame.

“My fifteen minutes of fame have provoked a lot of positive responses and it feels insanely good. It feels unreal to have so many people say they love you on the show, it really does,” she told Variety. “At the same time, it’s crazy how many people talk about my lips being so big.”

“The amount of headlines that I have seen and the amount of people posting and commenting about my lips has been surreal,” Chloe went on. “It’s nuts because you have to realize that I got those lips at some point in my life and nobody reacted that way — at least not to my face."

"So, it’s weird to see memes and stuff about it because these topics of conversation are on my body and I didn’t totally comprehend what the big deal was," she explained.

But the new star has accepted that this is something that comes with being in the public eye, adding: “I swear nobody in my life was like: ‘Whoa, Chloe, those are insane.’ I guess this is what happens when you’re now known on a much larger scale.”

Chloe isn’t the only Euphoria cast member to speak out on their experience with trolling since joining the show, with Sydney Sweeney previously breaking down in tears after she trended on Twitter for being “ugly.”

The actor has played Cassie in the show since season one and has also starred in The Handmaid’s Tale and The White Lotus.

In May 2021, she was understandably impacted when she saw that a viral tweet making fun of her appearance had encouraged a pile-on of cruel comments about her body and appearance.

Sydney shocked her Instagram followers when she went live that evening to respond to the tweets, breaking down in tears as she spoke.

“Apparently I am trending on Twitter right now for being ugly, and I would never actually do this, like ever, but I think that it's really important for people to see how words actually affect people,” she said at the time.

“And I know everyone says you can't read things and you shouldn't read things but I'm a fucking person,” Sydney went on. “I’m just sitting here with my dog Tank watching HDTV wearing my Snuggie. I don't know. People need to be nicer on social media because it's really fucked up."

A recording of her brief Instagram Live began to circulate on social media and got a mixed reception from people who saw it.

Earlier this month, Sydney revealed that there was more to her decision to speak out on the issue than meets the eye, saying that she’d already had a terrible day before seeing that she was trending.

“That morning, I had a campaign shoot for a lingerie company. I started my period and I did not want to put a tampon in because I didn’t want to be bloated in the photos,” she told Cosmopolitan.

Sydney then admitted to using a home remedy to stop her period for the shoot that led to health complications.

“Went to the photo shoot an hour later and started feeling dizzy and nauseous. I was like, ‘Fuck, maybe I need to eat something.’ I had a muffin and it did not make me feel good,” she continued. “All of a sudden, I threw up in the middle of this shoot, everywhere. I was a mess. I felt so embarrassed.”

After going home early, Sydney had an argument with a friend. She shared: “That night, one of my friends really wanted me to go out with her and I texted her and said, ‘I can’t come.’ I think it was the last straw, me bailing on her. She said that she couldn’t rely on me and didn’t want to be my friend anymore.”

“So that happens and I’m already crying, throwing up, and then two seconds later, I go on Twitter and see that I’m trending,” the star added. “I’m reading all these comments saying so much stupid stuff about my appearance. I went on social media and cried.”

Sydney recalled: “People were like, ‘Oh, she’s just looking for attention.’ People literally kill themselves over stuff like this. And people just don’t give a fuck. I went on for, like, maybe 12 seconds. I did not think anyone was going to record it. I just needed to let it out. Then it just went everywhere and it became its own beast.”

Sydney said that she is “of course” embarrassed by the livestream, but is also glad that she spoke out against the trolling “because it’s something people deal with on a daily basis.”

Meanwhile, Barbie Ferreira, who plays Kat, addressed the “backhanded compliments” that she experiences as a plus-sized celebrity and how she is often pegged as being incredibly confident because of her body.

“It’s so funny that people just assume that,” she told Who What Wear. “What, did I say that? I never said that. You guys just say that. You posted that on me.”

“I think bigger bodies are not as ‘trendy’ as they used to be, which is really sad to me,” Barbie went on. “But it’s more of a conversation of the fact that we all struggle with self-love, and I don’t think any young person has really figured it out yet.”

“It’s not radical for me to be wearing a crop top. [Comments like those are] just backhanded compliments,” she concluded.

Here’s hoping that in coming episodes of this largely female-led show, the incredible stars are only scrutinized for their impressive acting talent instead of their physical appearance.

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