People Are Seriously Impressed With Jimmy Fallon After He Made The Perfect Self-Deprecating Joke To Save His “Tonight Show” Guest Anne Hathaway From An Awkward Moment

“Jimmy actually was a great host in this situation!” one person tweeted in response to the Tonight Show clip.

Earlier this year, fans were shocked to learn that 41-year-old Oscar winner Anne Hathaway is one of the stars of Prime Video’s upcoming movie The Idea of You.

Anne Hathaway in an elegant strapless gown posing on the red carpet

And Anne endured a seriously awkward moment when she mentioned Robinne's divisive book during a recent appearance on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.

Anne Hathaway in a black dress with Jimmy Fallon on a talk show set

The actor was on the chat show on Monday as part of her The Idea of You press tour, and as she tried to promote her new movie, she enthusiastically asked the audience: “Has anybody here read the book?” only to be met with total silence.

Anne Hathaway on the tonight show

Anne instantly looked uncomfortable, and even gasped as she put her hand over her mouth in apparent shock while observing the complete lack of reaction from the live studio audience.

Anne Hathaway on "The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon"

And Jimmy immediately sprung into action in an attempt to save his guest from embarrassment. Turning the tables on both himself and his fans, Jimmy deadpanned: “No, we don’t read.”

Anne Hathaway and Jimmy Fallon on the tonight show

This self-deprecating quip broke the tension, with Jimmy, Anne, and the audience bursting into laughter.

Jimmy Fallon

The host continued the gag by telling Anne: “This is The Tonight Show. You want to go to Stephen Colbert if you want to get people who read books. Lame!” Jimmy then asked: “We do Audible here, does that count?”

Anne Hathaway on the tonight show

Needless to say, Anne seemed incredibly grateful for Jimmy’s rescue, and struggled to compose herself as she laughed hysterically at what he was saying.

Anne Hathaway on the tonight show

The moment was shared to X, formerly Twitter, on Tuesday, and sparked a huge reaction from viewers — with many admitting that they were impressed by the way that Jimmy saved Anne.

“We don’t read. This is the Tonight Show. You wanna go over to Stephen Colbert if you wanna get people that read books.”

You could hear a PIN DROP I’m fucking crying help ??? 💀

— Taylor Robinson (@finelytaylored) April 30, 2024
NBC / Via Twitter: @finelytaylored

“Jimmy actually was a great host in this situation!” one person tweeted, while somebody else added: “‘You wanna go to Stephen Colbert’ is actually a very smart joke right off the cuff.”

Another user wrote: “Fallon fully understanding his role in the moment and bailing out Anne Hathaway from the silence while gassing up Stephen Colbert is beautiful.”

Anne recently defended her decision to star in The Idea Of You after it was widely suggested that the nature of the film was “a step down” for her.

Anne Hathaway in a white jacket with gold buttons, smiling during an interview

The Idea of You will be released on Prime Video on May 2. 

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