Weight Watchers Has Radically Changed Their Points System And Dieters Are Conflicted

Chicken, corn, and beans, oh my!

On Monday, Weight Watchers announced a radical change to its iconic "points" system. For the first time, more than 200 foods like chicken and yogurt will be zero "points," meaning they will not count toward dieters' total for the day.

Users of the plan soon blew up social media with ~opinions,~ and they varied. Some people were super excited.

@WW_Canada released their new Freestyle program, and I’m SO EXCITED about the changes 🎉🎉🎉🎉

So many options!

Beans are now zero points on weight watchers 💃🏻

They said the zero point foods included tons of things they ate every day.

So far, I’m feeling excited about the @WeightWatchers Freestyle transition. We eat so many things so frequently on… https://t.co/8G8aum5rHn

Like burrito bowls, anyone?

Everything in my burrito bowl (not including the sour cream and cheese) will now be zero points. Glorious. Day.… https://t.co/GxpciL5EEy


OMG. @WeightWatchers just changed their point system and I feel like my world is upside down. CHICKEN IS ZERO POINTS?!?!

"I'm so freaking excited!" said one person.

When you read about the new @WeightWatchers plan and see that corn, eggs, and black beans are all zero points! I’m… https://t.co/FpghNOJKW4

However, some people who struggle with portion control were worried the plan would make weight loss harder.

@WeightWatchers I'm not a fan of this... I can eat as much chicken & fish as I want and it's 0 points? As someone w… https://t.co/xOv8D61qyG

Moderation is still key, people!

I don't think @WeightWatchers understands exactly how many lentils I can eat. #zeropoints #0points #wwfreestyle #freestyle

Some said it felt like "cheating."

I'm surprised about the new @WeightWatchers Freestyle point tracking changes. I should enjoy the zero point values… https://t.co/9CpnKV8AtW

"Note-to-Self: There are some foods that are 0 Smart Points, but you can't go completely bonkers on eating them," said one.

Okay, I need to process the new @WeightWatchers Freestyle???? Note-to-Self: There are some foods that are 0 Smart P… https://t.co/LlNm6ChEfA

People who were trying to eat less meat also weren't happy.

@seruhl @WeightWatchers YES! I totally agree. I'm not completely vegetarian but i don't eat much meat. I feel like… https://t.co/iU4sZeRCXf

"Have been using Weight Watchers these past 2 months, and I lost 9 lbs. Naturally, they revamped the entire system in a way that works against my dietary needs. 😒"

Have been using Weight Watchers these past 2 months, and I lost 9 lbs. Naturally, they revamped the entire system i… https://t.co/QecYVdyxSv

And some said the launch was a marketing scheme.

@WeightWatchers new zero points list is just their way of keeping people on WW. There’s no way you can eat unlimite… https://t.co/Jyq5nHLOIA

"I'm just gonna put this out there. Isn't it in a diet co’s best interest to complicate their system to keep you on it?"

Weight watchers added 200 items that count as zero points on their program. So you can eat as much of them as you l… https://t.co/Qa7AeghL1l

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