Glossier Announced A New Brand Called Play And Fans Are Losing It

"Glossier just introduced glossier play excuse me while i prepare my wallet for a massacre."

Beauty startup Glossier posted a cryptic message to their fans on Friday, teasing a new venture called "Glossier Play."

The message, posted on Instagram and Twitter, contained few details about what Glossier called a "new brand," but said it was coming in March.

"After two years in the making, we can’t wait for you to see, touch, hear, swatch, and play with what’s to come," the company said on Instagram.

On Glossier Play's new Instagram account, there is one post, a video of a man dancing.

Fans immediately started guessing what "Play" was all about.



sooo what’s Glossier Play all about? 👀 clothes perhaps...SILKY clothes???

Sex toys?

Is @glossier play a sex toy brand? Holographic lubricant? Balm dot com nipple rub? Cloud peg? #glossierplay

Whatever it is, fans just want answers.


BuzzFeed News contacted Glossier and asked (very nicely) if we could get a hint about what's up. They remain tight-lipped, but here are some clues:

Glossier has filed two trademarks with "Glossier Play" in the title.

The first trademark, filed in in May 2017, says it is for "providing a website featuring consumer information in the fields of cosmetics, skin care and hair care products and services."

This trademark was approved in August 2018. About a year ago, Glossier filed for another trademark, for "Glossier Play Tetra Chrome."

This trademark is for "cosmetics; makeup, beauty product(s), namely eye shadow and eye makeup."

So, it seems likely that this product is some sort of eye makeup. Tetrachromacy is a scientific phenomenon where people, and animals, can see colors others of us cannot. So, we'd guess this eye makeup is going to feature some pretty out-there colors.

But what is Glossier Play itself?

Glossier has hinted about building its own e-commerce website in the past.

The trademark for Glossier Play mentions a website, which is in line with goals Glossier CEO Emily Weiss has spoken publicly about in the past.

In an August interview with Bloomberg, Weiss said she is planning on entering "stage 2" of the company by building a "social-selling website for beauty."

What does that mean? According to Bloomberg, "Glossier’s Instagram account has more than 1.4 million followers, but Weiss wants to build her own version of a social media and shopping mashup, something that will allow shoppers to get feedback from other users to find beauty products that are right for them."

This website would sell Glossier's own products, according to Bloomberg, and the goal is to "build the trust needed to buy a full-price product without first trying a sample" through conversations on the platform.

Glossier has also trademarked "Playroom."

We have no idea if this "playroom" is related to the new brand, but it does sound exciting.

The "playroom" trademark, filed in Feb. 2018, appears to be for all types of new products. These include lotion and body spray (which Glossier already sells), air fragrance, candles, incense, scented papers, and matches.

So, home decor items? We can only wait and see.

Whatever Play ends up being, it's clear fans are already ready to go all in.

glossier just introduced glossier play excuse me while i prepare my wallet for a massacre

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