"SNL" Tried To Guess What Trump Could Do To Lose Support And People Are Laughing And Crying

"Trump punches Pope."

"Saturday Night Live" had people laughing and crying with a sketch that asked, what could President Trump do to face real consequences from his supporters?

Host Jessica Chastain played the host of a game show where she told the contestants "something our president did or said and you have to tell me, does it even matter anymore?"

She then listed things the president has done recently, like the whole Stormy Daniels thing. The contestants then guessed, that of course, this stuff matters.

But the gag was, none of it did! Chastain then had everyone guess what could matter while she drank.

They got...creative.

However, Chastain told them all their guesses wouldn't matter either.

People on Twitter felt seen by the sketch.

#SNL asks what even matters anymore. Answer: Nothing.

They said it was "funny because it's true."

The "What Even Matters Anymore" SNL sketch is funny because it's true. "Zero consequences, everyone just moves on."

And many could relate to Chastain stress-drinking.

Jessica Chastain stressing and drinking as the host of What Even Matters Anymore is how I feel everyday. #SNL @nbcsnl

Watch the whole thing here:

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