People Say They Stared At The Eclipse And Hurt Their Eyes And Now They Are Losing It

"So after reading tons of advice about how i shouldn’t look at the sun even through dark ass glasses, i looked at the sun."

On Monday, the US experienced a solar eclipse that reached totality in some areas. It was super cool!

However, it wasn't that cool for people online, who despite near CONSTANT warnings to not look directly at the sun, claimed they did so anyway.

So as it turns out...I probably shoulda bought the glasses, can barely see the eclipse and now my eye balls hurt.

@RowleyJimmy / Twitter / Via Twitter: @RowleyJimmy

Now, as they were warned, their eyes really hurt!

I literally looked at the sun for 0.1 seconds by accident with my bare eyes and IT FAKIN HURT pls use protection kids #SolarEclipse2017

@turkishalien15 / Twitter / Via Twitter: @turkishalien15

We told you!

Wtf fuck the sun that shit hurt my eye tf I looked for like 1 second #SolarEclipse2017

@HClintonsBoo / Twitter / Via Twitter: @HClintonsBoo

Science was not lying!

i looked at the sun for like a split second and now my eyes hurt super bad, science was not lyin man

@CollinAmbulance / Twitter / Via Twitter: @CollinAmbuIance

Why did you do it??

So after reading tons of advice about how i shouldn’t look at the sun even through dark ass glasses, i looked at the sun. my eyes hurt.

@malsaafin / Twitter / Via Twitter: @malsaafin

Ow ow ow.

holy shit I just looked at the sun and my eyes fucking hurt like shit urgh

@ERINJEEN / Twitter / Via Twitter: @ERINJEEN

Eyes melting isn't worth it.

@riasaur / Twitter / Via Twitter: @riasaur


I'm dumb. I was starin at the sun like that shit not even there but it just was so bright I didn't even notice it was there. My eye hurt 😭

@PDXlocated / Twitter / Via Twitter: @PDXlocated

We feel for you guys.

Well i started staring at the sun and now my eyes feel funny 😭

@__Chamor / Twitter / Via Twitter: @__Chamor


@Swopes / Twitter / Via Twitter: @Swopes


I'm genuinely concerned about my eyeballs I accidentally glanced at the eclipse, seriously glanced, and my eyes hurt so god damn bad, still.

@martyj1235 / Twitter / Via Twitter: @martyj1235

Get well soon.

This eclipse is so cool, too bad I don't have those goofy glasses to see it better. It makes my eyes kind of hurt.

@SyleKampson / Twitter / Via Twitter: @SyleKampson

We can't lose all our favorite Twitter users.

that shit hurt my eyes y ain't nobody tell me don't look @ it. How Ima tweet blind

@1_Xan0 / Twitter / Via Twitter: @1_Xan0

At least you got a good pic?

Is this a really bright cloud or the eclipse because it did kind of hurt my eye balls

@shawnsflare / Twitter / Via Twitter: @shawnsflare

Moral of the story: Do it for the content.

@_weavequeen / Twitter / Via Twitter: @_weavequeen

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