The White House Fence Is Covered With Signs From The Women's March

"Here's a wall for you."

After the Women's March on Washington, DC on Saturday, many women hung their handmade protest signs on a fence in front of the White House.

March to point that protesters shut down White House area, with no clear "finish line." Many left their signs on WH…

The signs soon became so prevalent that they completely obscured the fence in some areas.

Just as they did at Trump International Hotel, women are leaving their protest signs at the fence outside the White…

And stretched for a long length of fence.

The #womensmarch in DC decorated a long fence surrounding the White House with thousands of protest posters (via N…

One person wrote on Twitter that the signs were a great sight to see after a long day of marching. "Filled with hope after an exhausting but exhilarating day," they wrote.

March signs repurposed on the White House fence. Filled with hope after an exhausting but exhilarating day.…

They ranged from serious to funny, from small to large.

Signs left at white house fence #WomensMarch

"Women: Fighting the force of evil since forever!"

At the end of the #WomensMarchOnWashington protestors stacked their signs against the White House fence

"Here's a wall for you," wrote one person.

Here's a wall for you - signs from the #womensmarch cover the fence south of the White House

One woman wrote that the signs, with the Washington Monument in the background, were an "incredible sight to see."

Incredible sight to see. Marchers leaving protest signs on fence btw White House & Wash Mon. #WomensMarch #whyimarch

One woman tweeted at the Smithsonian that the museum should collect the signs to save for history.

@smithsonian Many artifacts fr #WomensMarchOnWashington lined up on fence at White House ellipse. #preservehistory

"And then we threw our signs over the White House fence. Our gift to you Trump," one marcher said.

And then we threw our signs over the White House fence. Our gift to you tRUMP.

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