Starbucks Baristas Are Sharing Crazy Insane Drink Orders And They Are Seriously Extra

"This is the coffee of a woman who craves death."

Starbucks baristas are sharing insane orders on Twitter that they say they have had to make for customers, and I'd challenge you to read them without your teeth hurting.

The thread was started by someone named Jessica, who tweeted a photo of an insane drink order from a customer named Ashley. The order had 30 pumps of syrup ALONE.

Plus extra almond milk, sweet cream, whipped cream, and much more.

Her photo went viral, and people were super grossed out by Ashley's order.

Ashley, u OK?

"This is the coffee of a woman who craves death."

@vspookygirl @QueenIdle This is the coffee of a woman who craves death.

One inspired barista even made Ashley's creation (no word on how it tastes.)

@vspookygirl @childishdante Made it at our store😂

Soon, other baristas began to chime in with crazy orders they have gotten.

@vspookygirl there was a girl at my store who would get a venti iced coffee with 7 pumps of vanilla, 7 caramel, 7 toffee nut, 5 classic, and 7 hazelnut with ex heavy cream. like I thought that was bad.

It soon became a rich tapestry of horror.

@vspookygirl This is from a guy at the store I used to work at 😅 he used to do this once a week for his free drink, no tip, actually drank it

Yum, straight syrup.

@vspookygirl Some orders I’ve gotten. There’s been worse of course

15 shots???

@vspookygirl @spideyhoelland some notable orders ive had to deal with

The thread only got more and more extra.

@vspookygirl Let me add to the thread of extra

And make sure it's DOUBLE blended.

@sarahhawkinss @vspookygirl Wait wait the best one

Scott, be careful!

@vspookygirl This came in a few weeks ago could’ve filled three grande cups with left overs

Oh no.

@vspookygirl There’s this girl at my store that would legit get a caramel macchiato with 10 pumps white mocha 9 shots whole milk and 10 pumps vanilla and it was too much liquid we had to put it in a Trenta cup. And she never tips.


@captainyackie @vspookygirl This one time this girl got a venti dirty chai w/ 15 pumps chai i was shook.

One Twitter user had a helpful idea that makes us all a little less concerned for these people's safety.

@vspookygirl @punningpundit It could maybe be an app developer doing testing? I work on a mobile ordering app and sometimes we have to do crazy shit, lol. Including placing orders across the country.

Enjoy your drink, guys!

@LondonAffair @1Laquilla & we gone split it sis.

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