This 19-Year-Old's Cool Travel Photos All Featured Her Ex, So She Had A Genius Solution

Let me Upgrade U.

Baylee Woodward is a 19-year-old who has had a pretty cool past year. She has spent most of her time traveling after getting a job working on a yacht.

Of course, her adventurous lifestyle means she has a pretty epic Instagram and many amazing photos. Most of them featured her ex-boyfriend, who was her travel partner.

Another unfortunate aspect of her breakup was that her ex was featured in many of the amazing photos from her travels. However, Baylee has come up with an amazing trick to keep sharing the pictures...can you spot it?

Baylee made a few minor tweaks to the photos, so she could keep sharing them on social media. She cut and pasted Zac Efron's head on her ex's, and honestly, the pics look great.

OMG what a cute couple.

~Priceless memories.~

Push that oar, Zac.

Baylee said she isn't trying to be "petty," because she knows her ex doesn't care. "It was just so I could still post cute pictures and people not think we're back together," she said.

Baylee shared the photos on a Facebook group and her personal page, where they have gotten thousands of likes.

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