Would You Eat These Pancakes Filled With Tuna?

Does this look like nice snack or do you wanna yack?

On Tuesday, UK sports reporter Ian "Moose" Abrahams shared his breakfast on Twitter. "No better breakfast than a nice Tuna Pancake or two or three," he wrote.

Pancake Day - no better breakfast than a nice Tuna Pancake or two or three πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

Yes, this "best breakfast" appears to be a pancake...filled with tuna. Its unclear if the tuna is mixed with anything.

Abrahams then tweeted how you make this creation. He heated it in the microwave for 90 seconds.

His tweet was instantly polarizing. Some people were completely disgusted by the concoction.

. @BroadcastMoose @_anthonygates

Or they were just confused.

Or were just like...NOOPE.

They didn't mince words.

@BroadcastMoose what the fuck is that monstrosity

Memes were deployed.

"You're going to hell for this," one person wrote.

@BroadcastMoose what is wrong with you? Do your tastebuds not work what even 😩😩 Your going to hell for this 😢

But not everyone felt this way. Some people said that it didn't look so bad.

@_daniellecessna @BroadcastMoose deff would try

In fact, this girl described it as "actual perfection."

@nlyon97rfl @BroadcastMoose oh my god. Actual perfection 😍😍😍 gunna do this tomorrow xox

And others said they have tried it and it is "so good."

@alice___wolf @BroadcastMoose mine were so good 😍😍🐟🐟

Abrahams later defended his breakfast by saying "you have tuna on pizza, right?"

You have Tuna on Pizza right? @lauriepalacio @FulhamJon @MikeBovill @kaydee1230 so what's wrong with Tuna on a pancake

He later spoke about the ~incident~ on a radio sports show, saying he doesn't understand what the fuss is about.

Yesterday @BroadcastMoose almost broke the internet with a pancake filled with tuna. So we asked him about his ch… https://t.co/b0yBATtX3T

BuzzFeed News has contacted Abrahams for comment.

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