Trump's New Pumpkin-Themed MAGA Hats For Halloween Are Getting Trolled

"You… made a Trump hat… featuring… an orange ghoul?"

If you haven't hit up President Trump's merch website lately, you may have missed out on its most ~spooktacular~ offering. The team is now selling pumpkin "MAGA" hats.

The president's daughter-in-law, Lara Trump, even sported one on social media to advertise for the holiday offering.

#MakeHalloweenGreatAgain and order your pumpkin #MAGA hat today! 🎃🇺🇸

@LaraLeaTrump / Via Twitter: @LaraLeaTrump

But people like Samantha Bee immediately began trolling Lara Trump and the hat. "You… made a Trump hat… featuring… an orange ghoul?" the TV host wrote.

You… made a Trump hat… featuring… an orange ghoul? 😂

@FullFrontalSamB / Via Twitter: @FullFrontalSamB

Many others soon joined in.

@LaraLeaTrump @trumps_feed It is the right color!! Just needs some yellowish straw hair on top.

@ChurtHurt / Via Twitter: @ChurtHurt

"A pumpkin #MAGA hat for a pumpkin-headed president."

A pumpkin #MAGA hat for a pumpkin-headed president.

@maryploppins613 / Via Twitter: @maryploppins613

What's one more pumpkin spice item?

The Trump campaign is now selling MAGA hats in Pumpkin Spice (but actually).

@juddzeez / Via Twitter: @juddzeez

They also offered improvements.

Hilarious!!! A fucking orange hat. All it needs is some fake blonde comb over on the top. That would #maga. Fuck…

@kellie_dixon / Via Twitter: @kellie_dixon

Or suggestions.

While honest, I’m not sure selling an orange monster hat is the best branding strategy for the Trumps, Lara.

@mishacollins / Via Twitter: @mishacollins

If you want a pumpkin hat you better hurry. They are selling for $45 for a limited time. Happy Halloween!

Order your limited-edition #MAGA hat before they all disappear.

@GOP / Via Twitter: @GOP

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