People Are Wondering If Trump Shoved Another World Leader So He Could Be In The Front Of A Photo

Let's look at the tape.

President Trump on Thursday attended the NATO summit in Brussels, along with many other world leaders.

However, it looks like he shoved aside the prime minister of Montenegro, Dusko Markovic, so he could be in the front of a photo.

Did Trump just shove another NATO leader to be in the front of the group?

FYI, Montenegro is the newest member of NATO, and will officially join on June 5.

Let's review that instant replay in slow-motion.

Slo-mo: Trump appears to push aside/shove another NATO leader to get to the front of the group.

We can see that Trump's hand crept up behind Markovic as he was walking up to the photo...

And then Trump seems to move him to the side with his hand...

He walks to the front...

And then he fluffs his coat.

People online certainly thought it seemed like a shove.

Watch @realDonaldTrump dickishly shove a fellow NATO leader out of the way so he can be front and center in a photo…

Many weren't pleased with how it looked.

Come see our rude, boorish toddler-in-chief shove his way past other NATO leaders just so he can get in front of th…

"Classy leader alert!"

Classy leader alert! Watch Donald Trump shove a NATO leader aside to get in front for a group photo

Although some people defended Trump, saying the US president deserves to be in the front.

@cxcope @SteveKopack we pay all of NATO's bills - USA stands in the front

"Ok, well when that guy starts paying his fair share of NATO expenses he can stand in front of the group," said one.

@SteveKopack Ok, well when that guy starts paying his fair share of NATO expenses he can stand in front of the group.

According to the Washington Post's White House bureau chief, Philip Rucker, Trump had a reserved spot in the photo.

Trump’s spot at center of photo was predetermined, based on NATO protocol. Alphabetical order. US always front/cent…

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