People Are Sharing Pics Of Trump In Robes After The White House Said He Didn't Own One

Twitter has the receipts.

A recent New York Times story about President Donald Trump's first weeks in the White House contained one weird detail. The president has reportedly taken to wandering the halls of his new home at night in a bathrobe.

At night, Trump moves through the residence in a bathrobe, with Keith Schiller as only aide who occasionally pops up

In response to the ~allegation~, White House press secretary Sean Spicer told CNN that the story is obviously fake because Trump doesn't even own a robe.

"I don't think the president wears a bathrobe, and definitely doesn't own one," he told CNN.

Since trolling this kind of thing is what the internet does best, people have started sharing pics of Trump in a robe.

So apparently @realDonaldTrump doesn't own a bathrobe?


Sean Spicer: "I don't think the president owns a bathrobe." Anyone with internet access:

So many robe pics.

Donald Trump would never wear a bathrobe.

The image library overfloweth.

And a lot of people couldn't take it.

The way the robe is pulled up around his chin makes me think Trump is wearing a suit underneath.

Others shared photos of Trump branded robes.

#trumpbathrobe #madeinchina #MAGA #jobs #boycottTrump #Resist #bathrobe

Or tried out the whole "wearing a bathrobe and pacing" thing for themselves.

I think it's a fine time to be wandering around, just like we have discovered with the #TrumpBathrobe

Some wondered if Trump had gotten fashion inspo from this handsome fella.

But most people were just like, WTF?

T: Another thing. Spicer: Yeah? T: Tell 'em I don't even own a bathrobe. Spicer: (looks at Trump, who's wearing a bathrobe) T: You heard me.

And wanted all these robe pics to go away.

I don't like that I've thought about Trump in a bathrobe in the last 24 hours.

"I pray I go the rest of my life not knowing how Sean Spicer became aware of Trump not owning a bathrobe," one person said.

I pray I go the rest of my life not knowing how Sean Spicer became aware of Trump not owning a bathrobe

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