Did Trump's Campaign Photoshop a White Model To Have Brown Skin To Sell Shirts?

People online certainly think so.

Donald Trump's campaign is being accused of photoshopping a white model to look brown to sell swag on the GOP presidential candidate's website.

The image comes from Trump's campaign website, which is selling a "short sleeve V-neck T-shirt" in gray. Trump fans can buy it for $22.

The accusation was first made on Twitter by Eric Ming, the digital director for Maryland Democratic Rep. Donna Edwards' Senate campaign.

So it appears Donald Trump’s campaign photoshopped their model to be brown:

"So it appears Donald Trump's campaign photoshopped their model to be brown," Ming wrote.

Ming said it appears the original model is this woman, from the JCG Apparel website. This model has a much lighter skin tone than the model featured on Trump's website.

There are many details on the second photo that seem to indicate it has been photoshopped.

As indicated in the photos above, both models have similar markings on their chests.

They also have nearly identical hair.

In addition, both photos have light peeking out in seemingly identical ways, as demonstrated on the photo on the left.

Those similarities, pointed out by BuzzFeed News design team experts, led them to believe the pictures are just too similar to not be the same photo.

In fact, the color of the skin on the Trump model isn't really even one that is comparable to that of a real human being, they said, because it is too even of a tone.

Trump's campaign didn't return a request for comment from BuzzFeed News, but people online certainly think the photo seems suspicious.

UPDATE: After this article was published, the Trump campaign apparently changed the photo of the shirt. It now features what seems to be a different model.

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