Trump Liked A Tweet About How Rihanna Is A Queen And Everyone Is Confused

The president has only ever liked eight tweets, and now one of them is about Rihanna.

On Monday, writer Heben Nigatu read a piece in Interview magazine between actor Sarah Paulson and Rihanna, and she was inspired.

So Nigatu, a former BuzzFeed staffer, decided to tweet out a part of the piece that really resonated with her.

Every new Rihanna interview makes me grow stronger. We stan a work/life balance queen!!!

In the excerpt, Rihanna discusses her commitment to a work/life balance.

The singer said:

I never used to be this way. It’s only the last couple years that I started to realize that you need to make time for yourself, because your mental health depends on it. If you’re not happy, you’re not going to be happy even doing things that you love doing. It’d feel like a chore. I never want work to feel like a chore. My career is my purpose, and it should never feel like anything other than a happy place. I’ve made little things a big deal, like going for a walk or going to the grocery store. I got into a new relationship, and it matters to me. It was like, “I need to make time for this.” Just like I nurture my businesses, I need to nurture this as well. I’ll shut things down for two days, three days at a time. On my calendar we now have the infamous “P,” which means personal days. This is a new thing.

Nigatu wrote "every new Rihanna interview makes me grow stronger."

"We stan a work/life balance queen!" she tweeted.

Well, apparently shortly after midnight on Wednesday, her tweet resonated with someone else: President Trump. Seriously.

If you check out the president's Twitter profile under "likes," you see Nigatu's tweet.

According to a bot that tracks Trump and his family's tweets, follows, and likes, Trump's Twitter account liked the tweet around 12:40 a.m. ET.

realDonaldTrump liked this tweet:

People were, er, a tad confused.

💀💀💀💀 trump a Rihanna stan

But of course, they got it!

Donald Trump liked this tweet about Rihanna's advice for mental health, relationships, personal time and happiness. Everyone's Rihanna Navy wannabe....

Everyone wanted answers.

If the media doesn't ask Trump about liking that Rihanna tweet they should turn in their press badges

Even Trump is inspired by Rihanna.

Donald Trump read this Rihanna quote advising people to "make time for yourself" and "shut things down for two days, three days at a time" to "nurture" yourself, and saw it as validation for watching Fox News all day every day.

I mean...

If Trump could actually get Rihanna to release new music, I might consider voting for him (

Some knew it all along.

If ur surprised that trump is a rihanna stan then u havent been paying attention to q anon

In case you're wondering, Trump has only liked eight tweets on his account. His last like was in 2017, and it was this.

@Fir3biTz @GeorgPapp @qq_american @realDonaldTrump please, after several typo's, he's just not Presidential material

Several top Trump staffers have access to the president's Twitter account and often post on his behalf, so we don't know yet whether Trump himself was the one who smashed that like button. Committed to this investigation, BuzzFeed News has contacted the White House to find out. We'll let you know if we hear back.

As for Nigatu, she seems as confused as the rest of us.


This happened ~12:40 last night.....

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