Here Are All The Funniest Memes About Trump Leaving The White House

"Alexa...Play 'Gone' by Justin Timberlake."

It's official: Donald Trump has officially left the White House on the day of Joe Biden's inauguration.

The almost-former president and his wife, Melania, departed in Marine One on Wednesday morning.

Donald Trump has left the White House

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And all over the US, people were watching the departure.

Everyone online right now, Watching Trump, asking "is he gone?!"

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Some were very excited.

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And what better way to celebrate than with memes.

Twitter: @melissaaminton

Lots of memes.

Twitter: @ashleyn1cole

Watching Trump leave was cathartic for many.

Happy Fucking Infrastructure Week... FINALLY! Trump moved out today. 🛻 🏢 HE’S GONE!

Twitter: @JohnSteen

.@BTS_twt posted and Trump is GONE.

Twitter: @BTSOriented

trump is finally gone from office i am so happy to get rid of him it feels like a out of body moment tbh

Twitter: @griffsbIake

He's Gone good riddance alright Trump will holla!

Twitter: @Lemories_I

He's Gone !!! Watching Trump leave....

Twitter: @NoNotNowRose

"Alexa...Play 'Gone' by Justin Timberlake."

Alexa...Play “Gone” by Justin Timberlake 😊 #BidenHarris #TrumpGone

Twitter: @KruegerLetti

Some wondered what Trump was thinking on his way out.

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After taking off from DC and landing at Joint Base Andrews in Maryland, Trump gave a brief address to supporters. He concluded with: "Have a good life."

He said “have a nice life”, and then YMCA played.

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People also clowned on that of course.

Trump: We love you. Have a good life. American democracy:

Twitter: @kimmerman_

that man the meanest leaving office girl in 7th grade writing in your yearbook 🤝 “Have a good life”

Twitter: @rachsyme
Twitter: @annetdonahue

Now, everyone is looking forward to Biden and Vice President–elect Kamala Harris being sworn in later on Wednesday.

Joe and Kamala walking into the White House with their luggage today. #BidenHarrisInauguration #ByeTrump

Twitter: @TeresaUpdates

Many wondered what Trump's departure letter to Biden, which he left in the White House according to reports, says.

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Sources have confirmed that this is very likely a snap of Trump's note to Biden:

Twitter: @SJha1618

Devastating reveal in the note from Trump to Biden

Twitter: @CarolineMoss

And reflecting on the last four years.

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