A Guy Sent A Very Inappropriate Photo Of His GF To His Mom And When You Spot Why You'll Shudder

Luckily mom seems oblivious, for now.

Maison Vallance is a 22-year-old guy who lives in Tennessee. He recently started dating a girl named Meghan, and he told BuzzFeed News it's going great. Look, they're adorable!

Vallance has even taken the plunge and introduced Meghan to his mom, and that went great too!

Recently, Vallance's mom asked him to find a shirt she had given him, which had his last name on it. He searched his room, and when he found it, he had Meghan pose with it on his bed to send to his mom.

When he looked at the pic, he thought Meghan looked "too pretty not to post this." So he shared it on Twitter.

I took this picture to let my Momma know I found the shirt she got me, but Meghan is too pretty not to post I️t.

He thought nothing of it...but then...his friend Brooke tweeted him something about the picture he had NOT considered.

@WhiteKidCanJump I'm going to regret this as soon as I ask, but the ropes.....?



It was too late though, Vallance had already sent the pic to his mom. He tweeted about his plight and people were shook.

Ok just realized I sent this to my mom with THE ROPES ATTACHED TO MY HEADBOARD..... https://t.co/qpCdMKawjx

It was just...wow.

@WhiteKidCanJump @ameliaawilsonn With the ropes attached to the headboard


Some tried to help with excuses.

@VxntageMertens @JaredMcneece @WhiteKidCanJump @ffscabeIIo Each person places one hand in the rope. It prevents the… https://t.co/c79GUERhhn

And some could relate.

@WhiteKidCanJump My gram cleaned my room when I went on vacation & found my box of butt plugs 💀


@WhiteKidCanJump @CruzxControl My mom found my kit once and asked if it was stuff for our dog and tried to take it… https://t.co/KcE9FCERps

If you're wondering, Vallance's mom didn't notice anything off about the pic (or so he thinks).

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