Why Is Every Influencer Wearing A Tie-Dye Sweatsuit In Quarantine?

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Tie-dye sweatsuits are the official ~look~ of quarantine

A few days ago, I was on Instagram watching fashion bloggers try on outfits when I had a thought: What does fashion even look like while we are all stuck at home? How can any fashion trends emerge when all we do is sit around in workout clothes or sweats? Is fashion just going to temporarily grind to a halt?

But then suddenly, out of nowhere, I was asking myself, “Do I need to buy a tie-dye sweatsuit?”

Yes, I had been influenced. Turns out, all the cool kids on Instagram HAVE figured out a way to make quarantine fashion: matching tie-dye sweats.

Even though the frugal part of my brain keeps telling me I definitely do not need a tie-dye sweatsuit that literally only my husband and cat will see, the self-care part of my brain just wants to look cute like all the other girls.

Is that too much to ask?

Tie-dye was definitely having a ~moment~ pre-COVID-19. But Annie Pariseau, who sells made-to-order tie-dye sweatsuits on her website Labananita, told me she “definitely has seen an uptick in sales” since the quarantine began. She said she thinks it is “the perfect outfit for the times.”

”[It is] cozy, yet the colorful tie dye pattern adds some whimsy and levity,” she said. “I believe tie dye is a natural mood booster no matter how it’s worn.”

When I posted about it on my Instagram page, a lot of people told me the same thing.

“My theory is that they are the comfy, bright coloured symbol of all our 80s/90s childhoods,” wrote one.

Another great point: Tie-dying is also a great activity to try out at home when you don’t have much else to do.

Some bloggers and YouTubers have even started posting tutorials.

I am just amazed that despite all the roadblocks in its way, the fashion industry has been able to create a trend that we all just have to have while sitting around, doing nothing. It is truly impressive that there is now a trendy way to quarantine.

So have you been influenced too? Have you tried making your own? Send us photos of yourself rocking the ~look~ and we may include them in our next newsletter.

“Fuck it, we’ll do it live!” —everyone on Instagram right now

This is all I see on Instagram these days - just everyone going live. lol

Among all the dystopian things happening in our world right now, one of the more lighthearted ones is how people are bored at the same time. I saw a tweet a few weeks ago that said: Once we get a few weeks into quarantine, we are going to reach peak levels of boredom, and Instagram content is going to get truly wild — especially for celebrities and influencers, who are used to much more attention than the rest of us are.

I am VERY excited for the moment when everyone online truly starts to go off the rails and post just totally weird stuff. I don’t think we are quite there yet, but one clear winner from this whole thing is Instagram Live.

All of a sudden, literally everyone is going live. It is wild.

It’s not just me noticing this trend. A spokesperson for Instagram told me that in the US, Instagram Live views have increased “more than 80% in the last month.”

I totally get why this is happening. People are trying to continue to make content and be creative, and going live makes you appear “first” or close to it on your followers’ story feeds. I don’t knock people who are trying to do this.

I even went live for the first time ever on BuzzFeed News’ Instagram account earlier this week to interview motivational speaker Jay Shetty and had a fun time. I also have been watching Instagram Live feeds for the first time ever, and I find them enjoyable.

But I was curious what other consumers of these live feeds thought about them. So I poked around Twitter and found a LOT of complaints.

If I click on one more Instagram Live by mistake (because everyone is going live at every single minute of the day), I might throw my phone away. Honest. Stop it.

I also asked my (very small) audience on Instagram what they thought, and they weren’t too into it either (except for workouts).

The main complaint I am seeing is that while people may sometimes want to watch some of their faves go live, right now it is completely overwhelming. There is just too much content to consume. I find it a struggle to keep up with Instagram stories normally, and it is literally my job (sometimes). Now there are way too many things to watch.

My advice? Do it live, but do it sparingly.


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