Teens Are Going Nuts Over This Meme That Claims To Teach You To Break Your Thumb

It doesn't work, but also don't try it?

People on Twitter are going nuts over this meme that claims to show you how to break your thumb ligament.

The meme has been around for a while, but it exploded on Twitter after it was shared by a user named Ryan. Ryan claimed his friend Jon tried it and really hurt himself.


Ryan told BuzzFeed News he and Jon are high school seniors in Virginia and have been friends since middle school.

The meme says you're supposed to tuck your thumb into your palm and fling it forward, which will "break" your ligament.

Jon told BuzzFeed News that despite his frenzied text messages, he doesn't really think he hurt his thumb. Also, he is double-jointed.

"The pain was more caused by me doing it over and over again from attempting to test the meme if that makes sense," he said.

He added that his thumb locked in that position for a second, but now is normal.

"After so many attempts my thumb felt weird," he said. "I can't really explain the exact feeling."

In fact, the diagram shown in the meme appears to be from a doctor's office website that is trying to diagnose a condition, not demonstrate an injury.

A similar diagram featured on flex-pt.com says the motion is a way to diagnose de Quervain’s tendonitis, an inflammation of the tendons in the thumb.

"To diagnose, a clinician will have you perform the 'Finklestein Test' where you place your thumb into the palm of your hand and make a fist around it, then bend your wrist down towards the floor," the website says. "Sharp shooting pain usually occurs along the thumb side of your wrist and is symptomatic of possible de Quervain’s tendonitis."

However, these facts haven't stopped a ton of people from trying the trick and claiming injuries.



My poor friend @CapitalDEEZ_ Twitter over here making him break his thumb ligament 😩😂

Some tried it and then questioned everything.

"I'm gonna go to sleep early today" 12:30pm: *up trying to break thumb ligament for the gram*

How did we get here?

I wish I didn't just try to break my thumb for 5 minutes https://t.co/1ZdkAwiZwu

"I'm so tempted to break my thumb ligament rn, I hate the internet."

I'm so tempted to break my thumb ligament rn, I hate the internet

Other people are just clowning with their double-jointed thumbs.

@RahSenpai @yuridiaa__ damn mee too


@RahSenpai looks like my hand had a seizure


It's not that hard to break the thumb ligament

In conclusion, you won't break your thumb. But please don't try it.

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