This 17-Year-Old's Brother Pulled The Best Prank On Her At Her Graduation

Brothers are the worrrrrst.

This is 17-year-old Anelle Tarke and her brother Anthony.

The siblings from Maryland are a year apart, and Anelle told BuzzFeed News her brother is a "huge jokester."

So for Anelle's graduation, her older brother managed to pull off a troll of epic proportions. See that guy in the back? That's not a classmate, that's her brother.

Yup, Anthony decided to dress in a cap and a gown for his sister's big day. Anelle said she was shocked.

"I had no idea at all that he was going to do it, and I have to sit onstage during the ceremony the entire time and I tried so hard to hold in my laughter but it was too funny," she said.

She added that because she is the secretary of her class, her family had special box seats for the graduation, which made it even funnier because he was in a prominent spot for the ceremony.

It also helped that her brother just graduated last year, she said.

"He was a really popular guy in high school, so everyone recognized him and they couldn't help but laugh," she said. "The people who didn't know him thought he was a graduate that administration wouldn't let walk the stage."

Anelle said she wasn't mad at the prank, and she tweeted it after the ceremony. It has since been retweeted over 1,000 times.

Someone please explain to me why my brother who graduated in 2015, came to MY graduation dressed like this...🙃😂

She added their mom eventually made Anthony take the cap and gown off for nice family photos.

The teen, who is attending Robert Morris University in the fall to study marketing, said she has been shocked at the response to the prank and her tweet.

"I thought the tweet was pretty funny, but I didn't think it was that funny," she said.

Oh, brothers.

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