Everyone Is Cracking Up At This "Bachelor" Contestant's Scheme To Stand Out From The Crowd

Team Bri!

If you're a fan of The Bachelor you already know the new season is premiering on Monday, Jan. 7.

This year's star is "The Virgin" Colton Underwood.

This ABC teaser clip is making a lot of people crack up. It shows a contestant named Bri meeting Colton.

Is this lie going to take her down (under)? #TheBachelor

Bri is a 24-year-old model from Los Angeles, according to her ABC bio.

When Bri meets Colton, she speaks with an accent. She tells him when he asks it's "Australian."

In the next shot, though, the model admits she isn't actually Australian and was just doing what she could to "stand out."

People online thought the scheme was hilarious.

just watched a video of The Bachelor and this girl named Bri put on a FAKE Australian accent to “stand out” and I can’t stop watching it and laughing

They have soo many questions.

Some of the best actors in the world have tried to do an Aussie accent for film & TV & were unsuccessful. Then Bri comes along thinking that she can nail it 😂 How does she think it’ll go down when The Bachelor finds out she lied? I have so many questions... https://t.co/lzVdaVO7i2

Some people have even been convinced to watch this season from the clip (well played, ABC).

Bri convinced me to watch The Bachelor and I want her to win. https://t.co/cNwB93GVe5

Though some may wait around for her inevitable BIP appearance.

Bri honey, no offense but I hope you don’t win coz I need you on Bachelor in Paradise https://t.co/Rpn3RxbzdD

Team Bri!

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