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This Dog And Toddler Love Each Other So Much They Wear Matching Outfits

Two peas in a pod.

Posted on January 13, 2016, at 2:34 p.m. ET

This is Reagan, a 1-year-old Australian labradoodle who lives near Portland, Oregon.

The adorable pooch is owned by Eric and Sandi Swiridoff, who love taking pictures of Reagan and dressing him in cute outfits.

Sandi Swiridoff told BuzzFeed News that her two grown children convinced her to make Reagan an Instagram account after she flooded their Facebook pages with his pictures.

"I used to post pics of sunsets and beautiful snow-covered mountains, but when Reagan came along, my posts went to the dogs," she said. "He basically took over my Facebook."

The proud puppy mom always makes sure Reagan has the latest in high fashion.

Just look at those jammies!

But Reagan has been getting a lot of Instagram attention for his posts featuring another person: the Swiridoff's foster grandson.

The pair are best friends, so Swiridoff started dressing them in matching outfits.

"I wanted to capture the bond they shared, and dressing them alike helped me to do just that," Swiridoff said.

Two peas in a pod. 😍

Swiridoff said that she creates Reagan's wardrobe by buying human clothes, and modifying them to fit her pup.

But she said he only wears the outfits for a few minutes at a time. "The rest of the time, believe it or not, he is a regular, undressed dog," Swiridoff said.

She added that Reagan loves the spotlight, and she can't believe how popular his Instagram has become.

"He loves to pose for the camera, and is very willing to get dressed up," she said. "He seems to love the attention (and treats) that photoshoots provide."