This Cat Gave The Most Annoyed Expression When His Owner Tried To Take Photos Of Her New Kitten

"Mahm, pay attention to ME."

Madison Ellis is a junior at the University of Florida studying to become a veterinarian. If that weren't evidence enough she loves animals, she is currently raising eight cats, five dogs, and a pig. Most of her animals are rescues.

Madison's newest addition is a roughly 2-month-old kitten called Cinderella, or just Ella. Madison rescued the kitten after almost running her over on a dark road one night.

One of Madison's other cats is named Jesus. Madison rescued him after finding him under her house, and said he is a very "clingy" kitty.

"He's a very sweet cat and loves to be carried around the house while I clean [and] cook," she said.

Since Madison has so many animals, she feeds her cats in a bathtub to keep their food away from her dogs. Ella had never joined because she has her own kitten food, but recently hopped in all on her own. Madison said she immediately tried to take a picture of the cute moment.

However, Jesus was NAHT amused with the photo-taking of the new kitty. He made his displeasure known by photobombing Ella's picture.

"Mahm, pay attention to ME."

The resulting picture was so hilarious, Madison decided to share it on Twitter. It went super viral, and people totally fell in love with the jealous kitty.

I was trying to take pictures of my new kitten eating other cat wasn't having it

Other people started sharing their own photos of jealous kitties, and they were too precious.

@thatdamnvegann That reminded me of this

Photobomb alert!

@thatdamnvegann @ACadabbi Here is example...

Who is that creepin' in the background?

This MAH house.

Madison said she never expected her photo to be so popular online.

"It's been insane! But in a good way," she said.

Don't worry, guys — I'm sure you'll be BFFs in no time!

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