Students Are Sharing The Differences Between Teachers In High School And College And They Are Hilariously True

"High school: your professors are ruthless and won't give any slack. College professor: yeah I got shit to do so class is cut 30 min early."

College has started for many students across the US, and freshmen are learning all about what it's like to be a university student for the first time.

Many students are realizing that things are very different in college than what their high school teachers warned them about.

High school teachers: "they won't have PowerPoints for you in college!!" *every professor uses a PowerPoint presentation in every class*

Like you know how your high school teacher always threatened that college would be ~so tough~? Not so much.

High school teachers: I'm MRS. HARDASS and you will take me SERIOUSLY College profs: what up I'm Josh and class is cancelled cuz I'm tired

College professors tend to be a little

high school teacher: you can't know anything about my life college prof: i have a drinking problem

They really tell you how it is.

High school teacher: "please excuse my language but *damn* I'm so tired today" College Prof: "sorry that I'm not a FUCKING DICK"

And they are totes down to be BFFs.

High school teacher: "Your professors won't tolerate you being on your phones." College professor: "Hey guys tweet me!"

Students are now tweeting about the difference between high school and college instructors, and it's become a hilarious meme.

High school teachers: you're gonna have to work really hard in college College teacher: you wanna listen to rap music?

Mostly because it is so relatable.

High school teacher: They wont offer any extra credit in college. College professor: How many extra credit questions am I up to?

High school teachers always warned us the quizzes and tests would be soooo hard. But in reality...

High school teacher: “College is so hard” College Professor: “I woke up late so quiz is cancelled everyone got a 100 congratulations”

Things are pretty chill in college.

HS Teacher - 6 page minimum essay to prepare you for college! College Prof - Plz don't write over 2 pages, I don't wanna grade all of that.

College professors: They're just like us!

High School Teacher: I'm going to make this class difficult to prepare you for college. College Professor: *plays slideshow full of memes*

They have lives to live too, you know.

High school: your professors are ruthless and won't give any slack College professor : yeah I got shit to do so class is cut 30 min early

And they tend to be down for bribes.

High school teacher: they wont be this easy on you in college College professor: bring me twizzlers and you get 30 extra credit points

Extra credit for dayyyys.

high school: there is no extra credit/2nd chance in college email from professor: 20 extra points to anyone who brings me a box of milk duds

Also, they really tell you their opinions. A lot.

High school teacher: "let's not get political" College teacher: "ur hw is to read this essay 'Fuck Donald Trump' written + published by me"

Things are just so free.

High school teacher: "I'm not allowed to give my full opinion on current events or I may get in trouble" College teacher: "Fuck you Trump"

And one thing we thought high school prepared us for, how to format an essay? Yeah, that's not true either.

High School Teacher: "Every single class will require you to use MLA in college, buckle up." College Prof: "Use APA…

Why, God, why?

High school: you need to know MLA for college papers *goes to college* Every professor: okay so all the papers in this class will be in APA

Welcome to college, kids!

high school teacher: "life is full of opportunities" college professor: "life is difficult. people are wrong"

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