A Selena Gomez Stan Mocked The Death Of Demi Lovato's Dad On Twitter And It Got Really Ugly

Stan Twitter is now making fun of Gomez's kidney transplant and the terror attack in Manchester, among other things.

If you're unfamiliar, Stan Twitter is a place where superfans of artists merge to debate and chat about their faves.

Happy New Year, Selenation!! Excited for 2018 💋

It can be innocent and fun, but also nasty and dark. For example, stans of other artists have been attacking stans of Selena Gomez by making fun of her kidney transplant and accusing her of faking lupus to cover up cocaine use.

Recently, a meme took off in this corner of the internet, like this example below. "Wear black if you're the most influential artist of all time," this Kanye West stan says, showing four artists, but only Kanye in black.

Wear black if you're the most influential artist of all time

Here's another example. You get the point.

wear black if your latest instagram post got 5M+ likes

Unfortunately, haters of Selena, like this Taylor Swift stan account, turned the meme into a way to make cruel jokes about Selena's kidney transplant.

"Wear yellow if both of your kidneys are working properly."

It's pretty gross, TBH!

So, a stan account that claims to be "selena #1 stan" (but has 30 followers) responded with their own meme. They attacked Demi Lovato stans by mocking the death of Lovato's father.

These attacks mostly flew under the radar until Thursday, when @OceanGrownTREEZ tweeted the above example out to his more than 38,000 followers.

Stan twitter really weird af.. This account making fun of Demi Lovato's dad dying of cancer. https://t.co/ZLTt6VVou3

People began to take notice, and most were like, WTF?

delete. this is disgusting and hurtful. https://t.co/JVOaHLDLyn

Other stan accounts swiftly denounced it.

this is way too disrespectful I stan Demi but I don’t hate selena at all I like her tbh I’ve never ever made a joke… https://t.co/cZazTKO6Q1

They said this stan crossed a line.

this is disgusting and really the lowest you can go. if you think selena would be proud you're damn wrong, delete t… https://t.co/QLLMlgKyHJ

Some called the culture toxic.

this also goes towards Demi’s past drug use and Selena’s lupus/kidney transplant. Why are we making fun of these la… https://t.co/t3uhKzneg7

However, some just continued to bash each other.

Girlie do you even know how stupid this tweet is?? I'm not surprised tho cus that's what we expect from Selena stan… https://t.co/FHMrkPdSCD

"Hypocrisy at its finest."

selenators think it’s funny to joke about death but have a mental breakdown whenever “selena” & “kidney” are in the… https://t.co/cRO8DRK9nu

And some just kept bashing Selena.

Selena is literally the kind of girl who unfollows her own mother, the woman who raised her for a toxic relationshi… https://t.co/mZMaQcAJHy

Some people are calling for their community to become less cruel.

Anyway, if you didn't know this was going on, now you know!

i can’t believe there are people that use demi’s dead father as a drag. just like i can’t believe people use selena… https://t.co/2kN3WqhpFs

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